To hide their sadness, most people do one of these 10 things

  1. Keeping oneself busy constantly and getting so tired that nothing except sleep can be thought of.
  2. Being more involved in the problems and sorrows of others.
  3. Disappearing suddenly and without informing people for a long time.
  4. Continually behaving in front of people in such a way that nothing goes wrong in your life.
  5. Not being able to control one’s anger even after wanting to do stupid things and it happens again and again.
  6. Keeping a positive attitude on every good and bad thing. By adopting a ‘whatever is happening is okay’ type attitude. 
  7. You stop trying to keep things under your control, but you start being in control of them yourself.
  8. Spending time with people who are not right for you. Sometimes young people even start dating the wrong people.
  9. Trying to make fun of everything. So that no one can see the pain inside you.
  10. Trying to show yourself as emotionless. Like you don’t care about anything or event.

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