To improve the face, apply tomato and cucumber juice, know its benefits

In summer, the face looks dull due to the sun. In such a situation, you can apply tomato and cucumber juice at home for facial glow, which removes the dead skin of the face and brings back the glow of the face, because tomatoes and cucumbers contain antioxidants, vitamin C, caffeic acid, vitamin K, Silica and Vitamin A are found. Using a mixture of these two makes the skin look beautiful and glowing.

Heal Pores-When your skin has large and open pores, it is prone to dirt, dust. And work to deposit things like pollution in your skin. Having open pores can easily lead to acne and pimples on your skin. Tomato and cucumber juice helps in shrinking your pores and helps in clearing the skin naturally.

To apply this you can use cucumber juice, tomato juice, lemon and mint You can prepare a good mixture by taking juice. You can apply it well on the pore area of ​​your face and leave it for some time after applying it, then while cleansing the face, massage it well on the pore area.

Oily Heal the skin –

If you have acne due to having oily skin, then your skin does not look lifeless and clear due to oily skin. Also, it can affect your overall health, in oily skin, your makeup also does not stay properly. Hydrating properties are found in cucumber and tomato, which helps in reducing skin oil.

You can use cucumber juice, tomato juice and ginger juice for its application. . Mix these three well and prepare a thick pack. After that apply this mixture on your face with light hands and leave it to dry for a while and clean the skin with cold water. You can try this once a week.

Recover Dead Skin-

Tomatoes and cucumbers are rich in enzymes, which Helps to get rid of dead skin cells. If you have sensitive skin, then in that case also cucumber and tomato  There is no problem with the juice. To apply this, take out the juice of cucumber and tomato in a small bowl, after mixing both of them well, apply this mixture on the face and leave it to dry. Allow it to dry for 15-20 minutes and after that wash the face with cold water.

Relief from acne-

Acne skin many times It leaves stains behind, which can make your skin very bad. It is usually caused by dirt or bacteria, which stay in the skin and cause acne by entering the oil pores. Due to this there are many types of spots on the skin of your face. Apart from this, cracking pimples can aggravate the problem, so it can cause more problems in your skin. Tomatoes and cucumbers are rich in Vitamins A, C and K and are also known to have acidic properties, which help maintain the pH level of your skin and also make the skin deep clean.

To apply this, take cucumber juice, tomato juice, honey and milk in a bowl and mix it well. Then mix this mixture well for a while and after making a thick pack, apply it on the skin and neck area with light hands and let it dry for a while and then wash the face, it improves the skin.

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