To make lips beautiful, follow these tips, it will be beneficial

If the lower lip is thick- The lower part of the lips is slightly fuller then it looks beautiful and attractive. If you still want to hide it, then the way is very simple. Use lip color in the same way on your upper lips as well as on the lower lips. Then for the perfect balance, equalize the center of the upper lip with a white pencil or a creamy nude matte color. Lips will look thinner.

If the upper lip is thick- You can make your upper thick lip beautiful with the help of makeup. First apply natural lipstick on your lips and apply a slightly lighter tone bright lipstick on the top. Apply a darker shade on the inside to give it a slimmer look.

If the lips are flat- Flat lips do not look beautiful. There is neither bulge nor shape in them. Those with flat lips should use a lighter shade as darker colors can look diffused on flat lips. You can also give a good shape to your lips with this.

If the lips are thin- Thin lips are not liked by every woman or girl. To make the lips appear thicker, apply lip liner out of the shape of your lips and then blend it. Keep in mind that to make the lips appear thicker, use dark color.

If the upper and lower lips are not the same- If the shapes of your upper and lower lips do not match together, then you should use lip pencil to make them appear normal. So that both the lips can be made equal. To adopt this trick carefully, apply lip liner with a light hand and then blend it.

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