Today Shahrukh Khan is the owner of 6000 crores, it was difficult for the family to get even bread for two times!

This is about the time when the British used to rule India. There was a war going on in the country against the British. Shahrukh Khan’s father used to be a freedom fighter of this war. After some time India got independence from British rule. But the country was divided into two parts, one Pakistan and the other Hindustan. At the same time, Shahrukh Khan’s father chose India as his country and started living in Delhi. The financial condition of Shahrukh’s family had become very bad during that time and he was facing poverty.

Even getting bread for two times was difficult for his family. But who knew that a child of this family would become such a big star whose glow would lit up the whole world. As a child, Shahrukh wanted to become a player. Once while playing, he fell in school and got hurt a lot, due to which the dream of becoming a player remained incomplete. But luck made him a hero. According to media reports, Shahrukh Khan is now the owner of 6000 crores.

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