Tourist Destination: List of those tourist destinations of India, where you will also say – if there is paradise, then only here

Best Tourist Place In India: Who does not like to travel. But due to work, the time is not known and it becomes difficult to go anywhere. If you take some time out from your busy schedule, then the most beautiful places in India can make that moment memorable for you. You can plan to visit these places. Coming here you will feel that real life and paradise are here. So come today we are telling you about the most special destination of India, where it is very wonderful to go. Coming here you will forget all for a moment and enjoy a lot…
Camel, Tamil Nadu  (Ooty) 
This place is very famous in South India, Ooty can be the best option for the couple. Most of the southern states of India are known for the natural beauty of their forests and mountains. Ooty has a lot to see with Avalanche Lake, Botanical Garden and Kalahatti Falls. Along with this, tourists can also take a tour of the Pine Woods forest and enjoy hiking in the coffee plantations, orange groves and tea plantations.
Spiti valley 
Ladakh is known for its natural beauty. Riding a bike or car is quite exciting here. The Spiti Valley of Ladakh is one of the most beautiful destinations. The trip here will prove to be full of enjoyment for you. The ancient monasteries here attract a lot of people. Tabo, Ki Gompa, Shakya Tangyud are the most prominent. Tourists can also enjoy lakes like Chandratal, Suraj Tal, Dhankar, Nako. If you have a passion for wildlife, then you can go on a tour of Pin Valley National Park. Adventure lovers and trekking-camping enthusiasts  This is the perfect place for this.
Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh  (Araku valley) 
If you have a love for caves, forests, valleys, then you can plan a tour of Araku Valley. The pleasant weather here will fascinate you. If you want to see the World Heritage Sites, then this place is the most special. The coffee museum here can be special for you. Katiki, Chaprai, Ranagilda, Sangada, Kothapalli, Ananthagiri, Dhargadda Waterfalls are good picnic spots. Coming to Bora Caves is full of adventure. The culture and art of the valley’s rich tribal population attract tourists.
Udaipur, Rajasthan (Udaipur)

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