Trainee teachers made sharper assessments about learning difficulties after receiving feedback from AI: A trial in which trainee teachers who were being taught to identify pupils with potential learning difficulties had their work ‘marked’ by artificial intelligence has found the approach significantly improved their reasoning.

A trial which used artificial intelligence to train new teachers to spot potential learning difficulties in pupils found that the approach significantly improved their assessment skills. 178 trainees assessed six fictionalised pupils for potential signs of conditions such as dyslexia and ADHD. Half received feedback in the form of a pre-written ‘expert solution’, while the others received feedback from AI. In a subsequent test of the quality of their reasoning when predicting potential learning difficulties in pupils, those who received the AI feedback scored 10 percentage points higher than the other group. The researchers suggest that AI may therefore be an effective substitute for close, personal feedback on teacher training programmes when training these skills, if one-to-one support is not available.

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