Troubled by illness in Mumbai, elderly couple attempts suicide, wife dies

Mumbai Elder Couple: In Mumbai, an elderly couple tried to commit suicide due to their illness, in which the wife died, while the husband is hospitalized. These people had tried to kill themselves by consuming sleeping pills. Sources told that 76 Savita Surve died in this case while Dattaram Surve is undergoing treatment.

This was revealed when his boy went to give him breakfast and both of them were not opening the door. When the door was opened with the help of neighbors, both were sleeping on the bed and were not even answering. Kasturba police told that Dattaram Surve was trying to speak but could not speak properly. After which he was immediately admitted to the hospital in Kandivali, where he is undergoing treatment, he is currently in the ICU of the hospital.

The couple was suffering from many diseases

An officer told that Savita Surve was suffering from diabetes for the last 15-20 years and she could not even see properly. Apart from this, her husband Dattaram Surve has a heart problem for 25 years. He has also undergone surgery, his heart count was also low and he was fitted with a pace maker. There was also unbearable pain in his body.

Son reached to give breakfast, the door did not open

The couple’s son Sachin Surve went to give breakfast to his parents as usual at 6.15 am on 17th November. When he knocked on the door, no one opened the door. After which he opened the door with the help of neighbors. The police told that on opening the door, they saw that their mother was not responding in any way and the father could hardly speak.

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