Troubled by waterlogging, woman climbed on water tank, ADM celebrated after hard work

UP News: You must have heard the story of Viru from Sholay. In which Veeru is seen insisting on marrying Basanti by climbing on a water tank. On the same lines, a picture was also seen in Basti on Monday. But this time it was not Veeru, but Basanti was seen climbing the water tank and demanding justice. 

what is the matter
Ranjana Pal, a woman resident of a village in Pakolia police station area of ​​the district, reached the district officer’s office. When she felt that no one would give justice, she ran to the water tank and created a ruckus for hours. On receiving the information, Additional District Officer and Additional Superintendent of Police also reached the spot with the force and tried to convince the woman who became Basanti. There was a round of estrangement for hours and in the end, listening to the demand of lady Ranjana, assured that you come down. Then the woman Ranjana came down from the water tank and the ADM listened to the woman. 

what was the instruction given
The woman said that there is a drain in front of her house. Because of which such a situation came in front of him on Monday. There is a stay order of the drain. Despite this, the opposition parties keep getting the drain constructed and if they refuse, they get bent on fighting. Yesterday, when she went to the police station with her complaint, she was not heard there, but the SHO made her sit in the police station and also got her beaten up. However, the ADM scolded the SHO and instructed that justice should be done to the victim, otherwise action will be taken. 

What did DM say
DM Soumya Aggarwal said about this matter that the victim woman had climbed on the water tank for some of her demands. Which has been explained and quenched and further action is being taken on his complaint.

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