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Akshu and abhi reach Birla house and they enter the house and move towards the garden area where everyone is celebrating Holi but akshu suddenly notices Arohi crying sitting alone and crying and gets shocked..

Akshu in mind:why aru is crying sitting alone? Did anyone scold her or did the truth…no it’s not possible. I will go and console her first.. friend is calling. So i will go and attend my call and come okay? Till that you go and enjoy with your family.

Abhi: ohh..ok. but come soon.. because i cant stay away from you even for a moment.

Akshu:even me too..i will come soon.

Akshu gives flying kiss to abhi..

Abhi smiles and goes while akshu comes to Arohi and gets shocked seeing her holding knife near her wrist and she immediately throws it away shocking Arohi..


Akshu gets angry and shouts..

Akshu: what is this aru? Are you mad? How dare you think to do this again?

Arohi cries and hugs akshu..

Arohi:i don’t want to do this but iam forced to do this akshu. I don’t have anything to live my life then what will i do?

Akshu gets shocked..

Akshu:why are you telling like this aru? Everyone are there for you and even your dreams is there for you..then what happened?

Arohi:not everyone.. only you are there with me. Everyone hates me.. everyone doesn’t love me. Whatever bad happens then they will blame only me. I accept that i did mistake first but i repented but everyone thinks that iam still same. Even now Niel scolded me..i feel like dying.

Arohi cries while akshu gets sad.. are misunderstanding. We all love you a lot. Kairav bhaiya vansh bhai and our family loves you so’s just they scolded as they love you more. So please don’t think of harming yourself..

Arohi:no..i want to lye on my mother’s lap and cry my heart out then only i will become fine but…

Akshu and Arohi gets emotional and they cry…

Arohi:when we hug our mother and cry our heart out then we will become peaceful but i don’t have such opportunity because everything is snatched from us..i will better go to my mom. I don’t want to live in this life of hell..

Hearing this akshu slaps Arohi while Abhi and Niel comes that way and they see akshu slapping Arohi and warning angrily and they get shocked..

Akshu angrily: how dare you talk like that aru? Do you think of me and your family members? You will go away easily but what about us who loves you more? We can’t tolerate stop your nuisanse.

Abhi and Niel misunderstand the situation and they get angry on Arohi..

Niel:abhi..i think Arohi have hurt akshu again.

Abhi:yes..i don’t know what’s her problem with akshu’s happiness. She is the devil of Goenka family. Now i will teach her a nice lesson..

Abhi goes angrily and he slaps Arohi shocking akshu and Arohi..

Abhi angrily: don’t you have sense Arohi? I warned you already not to trouble akshu..then you are keeping on troubling her. I can’t tolerate anymore..her tears is affecting me. So better leave from here.. atleast let her be happy on this special day.

Akshu gets angry and shouts..

Akshu:abhi..stop it.

Hearing the scream the goenka’s and birla’s surround them and gets shocked..

Abhi:why are you shouting akshu? You are always supporting your evil sister by hiding your pain..but this time i can’t be silent. I will get justice for always cry silently because of Arohi and this time i saw it too. So i will punish her..

Everyone stares Arohi angrily while Arohi cries and akshu slaps abhi immediately shocking Niel and everyone..

Akshu: enough abhi!!. I can’t tolerate anymore against my sister. First i only have rights even if she did mistake so you should be in your limits. She never did any mistake because she have repented and we both have reconciled but you are not understanding it..why abhi?

Kairav:akshu.. don’t get angry. Maybe..

Akshu:bhai.. please..

Kairav becomes silent while akshu shouts abhi..

Akshu:at first you blamed Arohi for invitation. You know what happened really? I went to our house and a courier guy came and apologised to me for keeping the old invitation on the pooja by mistake..this is what happened. But you dint listen to Arohi and you blasted her without hearing her and now too you are doing the same.

Everyone gets shocked including Niel..

Niel in mind: that means abhi have really misunderstood that day. But now..

Abhi:fine..iam sorry for that day. But what about today? I heared whatever you spoke..even you warned Arohi..then what is this called?

Akshu:when you hear only half then you will misunderstand only. Do you know why i warned her?


Akshu:then listen carefully.. Today Niel have scolded her and because of that Arohi became upset thinking that everyone hates her. So she tried to do suicide by cutting her wrist and that’s why i stopped her and warned her not to do so. She wants to lye on her mother’s lap to share her sorrow but there is no one for her and even for us and so she wants to go to her mum and dad to sky..

Akshu cries while everyone gets shocked and kairav too cries and comes and hugs Arohi..

Kairav:Aru..iam really sorry for not trusting you. Please.. don’t do this again..i cant bear it. I love you aru.. our parents are with share your sorrows to god but don’t do this again. I really love you aru..

Arohi cries..

Arohi:bhai..i don’t know what to do? I felt very lonely and everyone started scolding too and that’s why i thought to go to my mum and dad. Iam too sorry..but please don’t leave me alone hereafter.

Kairav caresses arohi’s face and..

Kairav:i promise..i will never leave you.

Abhi becomes embarassed and Niel feels bad…

Niel in mind: what did i do? I should have been careful but i did mistake. Because of me…i should apologise to Arohi.

Abhi in mind:how cheap iam? What work have i done? I should have trusted akshu atleat who was trying to tell that Arohi is innocent. Now akshu will be so angry on me..i should apologise to both akshu and Arohi.

Akshu:i don’t want to talk to you abhi..

Akshu runs away crying while abhi gets sad and the goenka’s hugs Arohi and they cry..

Dadi:iam really sorry aru beta. I scolded you badly but i never hated you.. please forgive me beta.

Arohi: don’t apologise dadi. I should only apologise as i thought that you all hate me..iam really sorry.

Manish:it’s okay. Let’s forget the past and we will start our beter future..are you ready?

Manish shows his palm while every member of goenka’s except akshu smiles and they keeps their hand on Manish indicating positive sign.

Vansh:yes..we will start our from here. Let’s forget whatever happened till now.

Manish:even birla’s can join for this new journey. Iam angry on abhi but i don’t want to break relations iam ready to move on. But iam not responsible for consoling akshu..abhi should do something to make her forgive him. So..

Anand whispers to mahima..

Anand:such a good hearted family..come lets join them. We will forget our past memories and create new. are right.

Parth whispers to harsh..

Parth:choti papa..see how good they are. Even though abhi did wrong but they are ready to forget every bad past and move on. So come we will also join them..

Harsh makes a face..

Harsh: Manish is trying to get into good books that’s why he is doing this drama. Iam not going to join..if you want you can go leaving me alone.

Parth:arrey..chote papa please understand. Atleast once if you give up on your ego then you will get your angry son back and become famous like Manish.

Harsh looks on and he thinks..

Harsh in mind: maybe parth is right.. if i forget the past then Abhi may get fine with me. And i can also become famous like goenka’s by..

Harsh:ok..i will also join.

Niel whispers to abhi..

Niel:we did a mistake but we can apologise. We both shall apologise to Arohi and akshu..but first we will join goenka’s forgetting the past.

Abhi:you are right. But iam really scared of how to console angry akshu..

Niel: don’t worry..i will help you.

Abhi smiles and the whole birla’s join their hands with goenka’s and they shout..

Everyone:lets start our new journey by forgetting our bitter past.

Everyone hugs each other and later Niel comes towards Arohi while Arohi tries to go away but her leg slips and suddenly Niel holds her..

Both of them look at each other and Niel smiles..

Arohi:why are you smiling like devil after doing this much drama?first make me stand..

Niel makes Arohi stand and..

Niel:i know why you thought to run away now but god himself made you to listen to my apology. Iam really sorry.. please forgive me for whatever i did.

Arohi:i can even forgive abhi but not you..

Arohi tries to walk away but Niel holds her..

Niel:but we had promised with your bade papa to start everything afresh forgetting the past..then why don’t you forgive me?

Arohi:that’s what iam saying..i will forgive even hitler but not you. You are the one who pours more kerosene on burning fire so i won’t accept your apology. So please leave..

Niel:you have changed but your attitude dint change yet. I will make you forgive me soon.. wait and see miss.attitude queen. you are challenging me? are going to lose for sure mr. Irritating mosquito.

Niel makes a face..

Niel:what? Cant you keep a better Nick name? It’s so horrible..

Arohi:that’s why i kept for you..


Arohi laughs and goes while Niel stand irritating while abhi kairav and vansh comes and laugh at him..

Abhi:i don’t know what to say..i really laughed my heart out for first time. You got nice insulted from Arohi..

Niel glares abhi angrily..

Niel:even you are going to get the same from akshu bhabhi.. don’t worry.

Abhi becomes silent and stares Niel while kairav and vansh laughs..

Kairav:you both are really funny!!. Actually Arohi does same thing to me also for any forgiveness but she will easily don’t need to worry for the challenge.

Niel: ohh.. really? Then see what I’ll do..

Abhi:kairav..shall i ask you one thing? can ask abhi.

Abhi: actually.. actually because of our misunderstanding and foolishness i and  Niel have really hurt Arohi and akshu too. So are you not angry with us?

Kairav smiles and hugs abhi and..

Kairav:even iam at same fault. Though i dint hurt Arohi but i dint trust iam also at same position but as a brother she have accepted me easily.

Abhi:but as a brother won’t you go against me for akshu as i dint trust her?

Kairav: i have seen my mother and father’s love story..when we love a person then there will be surely problems and anger too. I never saw my father for fives years since my birth as they had problems and got separated and my father married some other lady in that time but the true love of my mom and dad brought them together again though everyone was against.. So in the same way it’s your love story…you have to fix your love story in a proper way whatever problem comes. Though iam akshu’s brother but you are her i wont disturb whatever problem comes between you even though if it’s your fault..

Abhi gets emotional..

Abhi:you are so understandable..i think your parents love story is a fairy tale.. fairy tale. I will tell whole story one day.. i really miss them. I don’t know why god snatched them from us..

Kairav becomes emotional while abhi hugs him and consoles..

Abhi: don’t worry.. we all are there for you.

Kairav:thanks for your concern..

Abhi:huh..shall i ask you one thing?


Abhi:i don’t know why you left Anisha suddenly. Why don’t you patch up with her so that you will move on happily in your life..

Kairav becomes sad..

Kairav:at first i loved her but i..i don’t have confidence that i will look after her well because when i kept hope that i will take care of my mum and dad..god snatched them from me and even with sirat happened the same. So iam scared of keeping hopes with Anisha. So it’s better to live separately happily..

Abhi gets sad..

Abhi: you are still affected with your parents trauma. But you should move on from that because every time god doesn’t snatch your hopes.. so try to forget your past and my humble request is.. make your present and future better forgetting everything..

Kairav smiles palely..

Kairav:i will try..

Abhi: that’s good. Fine..i want to ask help from you..can you please help me?

Kairav:why not?tell me what should i do?

Abhi:just help me to console akshu who have become angry bird now..

Kairav laughs..


They do hifi and hug and even Niel and vansh join them..


Arohi is walking towards her house while suddenly she gets a call from her friend’s mother who is a doctor in mumbai..

Arohi:hello..dr.shivani aunty?

Shivani:yes..i need your help dr.arohi.

Arohi:yeah..tell me what shall i do aunty?

Shivani: actually.. actually..there is a patient who is in coma for many years. And she was taken care of me under my custody in my private hospital in mumbai. And iam leaving for abrod for an urgent can you please take care of her in my place?

Arohi gets confused..

Arohi:but how?

Shivani:for 1 month you come and stay in mumbai and take care of her..and you can continue your field too in my hospital as i will provide you for 1 month permission. Please do help me..

Arohi thinks: maybe i can also escape from accident fear. So i will go there so that i will be peaceful without any tensions..

Arohi:sure aunty..and thanks for providing permission.

Shivani:it’s my duty don’t thank me.

Arohi smiles and cuts the call while Shivani goes to the coma patient and looks her and the patient is revealed to be naira and shivani speaks..

Shivani:i don’t know who are you and which family you belong to but you are like my family. So please recover are in coma for 21 please wake up soon. And today iam leaving for abroad and my child’s friend who is also is a doctor will take care of you. So try to cope up with her..

Naira doesn’t react while Shivani caresses her and goes..


precap: Akshu forgives Abhi. Arohi leaves for Mumbai..



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