Tsunami of corona virus in China, more than 20 thousand cases of Omicron found on Friday

Corona Virus in China: Corona has once again increased the troubles of China. According to a senior official of the Chinese government, at this time China is facing a tsunami of Omicron. On Friday, more than 20,000 Kovid 19 cases were reported in the country. China’s largest city Shanghai has been under lockdown for more than three weeks. At the same time, more than 21 million people underwent the third nucleic acid test in the capital Beijing amid a growing list of high risk areas. 

Report mandatory for entry in public places 

A negative COVID 19 test report within 48 hours has been made mandatory for all residents in Beijing to enter public places from Saturday. This information was given by the municipal government on Friday.

City divided into 2 halves according to risk

Virus spreading faster than expected

337 people died of corona in a month

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