Tulsi plant planted outside the house keeps dozens of diseases away, know its more than one benefit

Tulsi leaves: Tulsi plant is considered sacred in Hinduism. This plant is worshiped with rituals in different Teej festivals. You will definitely find a Tulsi plant outside the house of people who believe in Hinduism. Not only is this plant important from a religious point of view, but in Ayurveda too, this plant has been described as beneficial for the body. Even during the global pandemic Corona, people increased their immunity by consuming Tulsi. Tulsi plant has many medicinal properties which provide different benefits to the body.

If you consume 4 basil leaves every day, you can avoid many common diseases. Tulsi plant has anti bacterial, anti fungal and antibiotic properties which make it even more special. These properties help the body fight infection and boost immunity. Tulsi plant not only improves the atmosphere of the house but also strengthens the body internally.

If you eat four leaves of basil daily, then you can stay away from many diseases. Know- 

Will stay away from heart diseases

If you consume basil leaves daily, then it keeps the health of the heart good. Tulsi leaves have antioxidant properties that protect against free radical damage. Consuming basil leaves on an empty stomach is good for heart health.

Get rid of the problem of constipation

  • Tulsi leaves make digestion good, due to which the problem of constipation remains away. They are also useful in preventing the problem of diarrhea
  • Basil leaves contain nutrients like potassium and folate which strengthen our bones
  • Tulsi leaves work to protect from terrible diseases like cancer. Eating 4 leaves of Tulsi everyday helps in preventing cancer like skin, liver, mouth and lungs.
  • Tulsi leaves are also great for our oral health. It works to strengthen the teeth and gums. Also removes bad breath
  • Tulsi leaves detoxify our body. It has diuretic properties which lowers the level of uric acid in the body which is the main reason for the formation of kidney stones. Reduction in uric acid levels also provides relief to gout patients.

Note, you can take Tulsi leaves with tea, decoction or hot water. It is not necessary that you chew them and eat them

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