Tulsidas Jayanti 2022: The secret of success is hidden in these 5 couplets of Tulsidas ji, rescue in difficult times

Tulsidas Jayanti 2022: August 4, 2022 is the birth anniversary of Tulsidas (Tulsidas jayanti 2022 date), the author of Ramcharitmanas. The couplets of saint poet Goswami Tulsidas are relevant even today. Tulsidas ji has depicted the life of Lord Shri Ram in Ramcharitmanas. Inspirational couplets of Tulsidas ji, who adopted him in life, his progress is fixed. The secret of success is hidden in these couplets. Let’s know the motivational quotes of Tulsidas ji.

Ram Naam  Manideep Dharu Jih Dehrien Dwar.

Tulsi is inside Baherhun Jaun Chaasi Ujiar.

ie – According to Tulsidas ji, for a happy life, a person should keep restraint on his speech. Instead of speaking abusive words chant the name of Ram. This will also calm the anger and there will be no sourness in the relationship.

Tulsi Saathi Vidya Vinay Vivek of Adversity.

Courage Sukriti Susatyavrata Ram Bharosa Ek.

ie – do not panic in adverse situations. Instead of fear, use intelligence properly in difficult situations. Work wisely. Courage and good deeds in trouble bring success to a person. Have true faith in God.

Tulsi Dekh Subeshu Bhoolhiin Foolish Na Clever Man.

Sundar Kekihi Pekhu Bachan Sudha Sam Asan Ahi.

ie – According to Tulsidas ji, seeing beauty, not only a fool but a cunning person also gets deceived. Peacocks look very beautiful but their food is snakes. So never trust a person on the basis of beauty.

Come on, make soft words.

go ‍chit ahi speed sam bhai. As Kumitra Parirehin Goodness

i.e. –  Tulsidaan ji says that a friend who speaks soft words in front of you but has a feeling of hatred in his mind, then leave such friend immediately. Such miscreants become an obstacle in the path of success.

Tulsi je kirti chahin, but ki kirti khoi hai.

Those in their mouths are lag, mittihi na marihai dhoi.

i.e. – According to Tulsidas ji, those who want to gain respect by doing evil to others, such people lose their prestige very soon. There is such a soot on their mouth which never fades away. This means that instead of doing evil to others, do good deeds. This will not only lead to success, but will also become an object of respect in the society.

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