TV shuts down at 11 am, have cleared NEET too, such is the story of CWG medalist

Shreeshankar Murali Wins Silver at CWG 2022: In the ongoing Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, India’s 23-year-old Sreeshankar Murali won silver on Thursday. He won this medal in the long jump event. By the way, Sreeshankar was the only contender for Murali Gold. He jumped 8.08 meters equal to the gold medal winner Lakan Nairan, but he covered this distance in the fifth attempt and Lakan touched this figure in the second attempt itself. This was the reason that Sreeshankar missed the gold from very close. However, despite this, Sreeshankar managed to create history here. Actually, this medal of his

Srishankar Murali is India’s new hope in the long jump. Recently, he also made it to the finals in the World Athletics Championships. He was the first Indian male player to do so. Sreeshankar Murali has got these successes because of his lifestyle, dedication and consistency. Family support has also been a big reason behind this.

Murali Ekos Bijmol was very focused on his son’s career. He neither allowed Sreeshankar to listen to music during training, nor did he like any other kind of time-wasting activity. After completing 18 years of age, Sreeshankar got permission to join social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Even today TV does not work in his house after 11 o’clock.

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