Twitter got a big shock from Elon Musk’s ultimatum! Hundreds of employees resigned on their own

Elon Musk Twitter: A lot has changed in the company since Elon Musk’s entry in Twitter. Alan Musk is engaged in completely changing Twitter with his policies and it is directly affecting the employees. A media report has claimed that after Elon Musk’s ‘hardcore work’ ultimatum, hundreds of employees have now submitted their resignations to the company itself. It is believed that this has caused a big blow to Twitter.

Actually, two days ago Elon Musk gave an ultimatum to the employees. Through an email, the new owner told the employees, ‘We will need to be very radical to make Twitter successful.’ The email also mentioned working for long hours with ‘high intensity’. It is believed that this email has had a very negative impact on the employees. Also learn here that employees had to complete Musk’s online form by the end of the day on Thursday or else they were given the option of leaving the company.

What the people who left the company said?

According to CNBC, it is not clear how many employees have left Twitter so far, but three Twitter employees shared their plans to leave, citing fear of professional retaliation. An engineer said, "The entire team representing critical infrastructure is voluntarily leaving the company…we are skilled professionals with lots of options, so Alan has given us no reason to stay and many more to leave."

Musk wants to reduce the work force?

Alan Musk has already clarified his policies regarding Twitter. He believes that many employees were not needed in Twitter, who have been fired. As soon as Elon Musk came to Twitter, many officials including CEO Parag Agarwal were shown the way out. After this, he started the process of retrenchment in a big way in the company. According to some media reports, even those employees who criticized the management’s decision are being fired.

Musk fears bankruptcy!

Also know here that Elon Musk is also afraid that Twitter may soon become a victim of bankruptcy. In the past, he had also warned the employees regarding this. Explain that Elon Musk has asked the employees to be ready to work 80-hours a week and not get free food. With this, Musk is soon going to change the work-from-home policy.

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