Two girls hid in the freezer while playing hide-and-seek, both died of suffocation

Two Children Death while Playing Hide-and-Seek: If you are a parent of young children, then this news is related to you and you need to read it carefully. Attention is needed because it is related to your child’s life. Actually, a case has come to the fore in Karnataka which is quite painful and is a warning bell for every parent who leaves their children to play like this. According to media reports, 2 girls died after hiding in the freezer while playing hide and seek in Karnataka.

what’s the matter

According to the report, there is a village of Massej in Mysore district of Karnataka. Here Nagaraju and Chikkadevamma’s daughter Bhagya (12 years) was playing hide-and-seek with Kavya (7 years), daughter of Goramma and the politician living in the neighborhood. There were some other children with them. For a long time these people played hide and seek. When Bhagya and Kavya’s hiding number came, they started looking for the place. During this, the ice cream box ie freezer was seen to hide them. Both the girls went and hid in it. He also put the lid on it. Both of them died of suffocation. 

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If you are a parent, keep these things in mind

If you have small children in your house then you need to be very alert. This vigilance should be increased when both husband and wife are working.

  • If the room is on the first floor or above, then do not keep any such thing in the balcony, on which the child can climb down. This can make him a victim of an accident.
  • It is better to cover the balcony with a net.
  • Keep electrical sockets etc. in the house covered so that children do not put their finger in it
  • Also keep gas and electric appliances out of reach of children.
  • Although children should not be left alone at home, you have no choice and they If there is a compulsion to leave, then you can also ask the people around to take care. If this is not even an option, then by installing a CCTV camera in the house, you can also keep a watch on the children through mobile.
  • Keep telling the children from time to time what can be dangerous for them. What they should and shouldn’t do while playing.

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