Types of Pimple: How many types of pimples are there and what are their reasons

Where Pimple Appears: Pimples are not only on the face but this problem also occurs on the shoulders, chest, upper back. However, in most people, this problem is seen only on the face. Whereas people with oily skin and sensitive skin also suffer from this problem in shoulders, chest, breast and upper back pimples.

How many types of pimples?
According to skin experts there are mainly 6 types of pimples. Their names are as follows…

  • cysts
  • blackheads
  • whiteheads
  • papules
  • pustules
  • nodules
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    What are the differences between these pimples?

    • Cysts or lumps are such pimples, which are ripe but do not burst. Rather, they dry up in their place and leave marks. These pimples are very painful.
    • The problem of both blackheads and whiteheads spoils the softness and beauty of the skin. These are hard and long fibers colored according to their name, which get deposited in the pores of the skin and block the pores.
    • The problem of papules can be due to an insect bite or a cut. can. Their color can range from light pink to dark red.
    • Pustules are in the form of pimples or pimples. These are in the form of soft and raised lumps of red color. These can cause pain, soreness and itching.
    • Nodules are that form of pimple, which do not grow upwards on the skin but grow inwards. Compared to other pimples, they are slightly larger in size, feel very hard to touch and cause severe pain when touched.

    What is the treatment of pimples?

    • due to excessive sebum in oily skin
    • due to improper skin cleansing
    • reaction to any medicine
    • any chronic disease
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    • reaction to any cosmetic
    • allergic to skin
    • skin bacteria
    • stomach disorder ie constipation problem
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      You look into these problems. If you have any problem then treat it. It is possible to treat pimples properly through medicines. 

      Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Please consult a doctor before following any such treatment/medication/diet. 

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