UAFO seen in the sky of Ukraine… even scientists are unable to recognize!

UFOs Visiting Kyiv Airspace: The war between Russia and Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine War) has been going on since February. Meanwhile, many alien vehicles were seen flying in the sky of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Astronomers in Ukraine have spotted Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) while visiting Kyiv airspace. This claim has been made in a report published by the Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine.

UFO captured in the skies of Ukraine

Scientist also not able to identify?

Ukrainian astronomers said that it could not be recognized as a scientifically known natural phenomenon. It is yet to be reviewed. The researchers have attempted to classify their UAP observations into two categories based on brightness—cosmics and phantoms. Cosmics are luminous objects that make the sky shine with their presence. Phantoms are dark. They look completely black and absorb the light falling on them.

Is this a Russian conspiracy?

The speed of Phantoms is more than twice the speed of ballistic missiles made on earth. The Astronomical Observatory is currently not able to determine what type of UFO these are. A US intelligence agency has cited the ongoing war with Russia in Ukraine, citing the use of aircraft and drones, which make their presence felt for a very short time. Let us tell you that the Russo-Ukraine war has been going on for about 7 months. These UFOs have been speculated to be related to military technology or foreign surveillance when considered in the context of war.

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