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The Episode starts with Tejo saying where did Jasmin go. Angad asks did she go to Virk house. Tejo says no, I spoke to Buzo. The driver says the car broke down. Jasmin asks why did you take this isolated route. He says I will go and get some help. Tejo and Angad hear the news of the bad weather. Fateh gets Khushbeer’s call. He says it good you left, its raining heavily, I will stay here if it rains a lot. Tejo calls Sweety and asks where did Jasmin go. Sweety says I think she has gone after Amrik and Fateh. Tejo thanks her. Jasmin says the phone got dead. Tejo calls Amrik. He says I won’t answer, Fateh won’t like it. She asks did she go to Haripur. Satti says Tejo has gone to find Jasmin, don’t know where she would be. Abhiraj says don’t cry, I will find her. Jasmin gets shocked seeing some men coming to trouble her. Jasmin gets down the car and runs. Its morning, Angad and Tejo are on the way. A man calls Tejo and says Jasmin Virk booked a cab, the car broke down and the driver went to get help, when he came back, she wasn’t there. She asks him to send location. She says she went to Haripur. She looks for Jasmin. Angad and Tejo sit in the car.

They see Fateh bringing Jasmin in his arms. Tejo recalls Fateh’s cheat. Tujhse preet lagai….plays… The lady say he took care of his wife all night, a husband should be like him. Fateh asks driver to take Jasmin home. Jasmin thanks him for help. He says enmity and humanity are two different things. She holds his hand and says I have to talk related to Amrik, he will forgive me if you forgive me. he says you should go home, I don’t care why you had come here. Angad says its not like you are thinking. Tejo gets down the car. Jasmin sees her and stops the cab.

She hugs Tejo. She says don’t misunderstand, I will tell everything. She tells everything. FB shows Jasmin coming in front of Fateh’s car. Fateh gets shocked seeing the goons taking her away. He runs after them and fights them. Jasmin falls down. The goons run away. Fateh lifts her and takes her to a doctor. He says she fell down and got hurt. He asks can I use your phone. Doctor says sorry, weather is bad, mobile and landline aren’t working. Jasmin wakes up in the morning and sees Fateh sleeping on the sofa. She asks how did we come here. He says you got hurt, weather was bad, we had to stay here. She says its late, we should go home. She gets dizzy. He says I will drop you outside. FB ends. Jasmin says Fateh made me sit in the cab and left, trust me. Tejo asks her to sit in the car.

Angad says you trust your heart, not eyes, you know Fateh, don’t doubt him, go inside and check, go. She goes. Jasmin asks why is Tejo going inside the clinic. Angad says to catch your lie, you have done all this, else why would you come here, your car broke down, goons attacked you, and Fateh saved you, then you both came here alone. Jasmin says no use to fill hatred in Tejo’s mind against Fateh, don’t waste time. Tejo says dad is calling for his imp rally, we should leave, I told him that we found Jasmin. They leave.

At home, Tejo says dad doesn’t want you to come. Jasmin nods. She says you aren’t misunderstanding Fateh, right, its not his mistake, he would have helped any girl, I m his brother’s wife. Tejo says forget it, you are safe, that matters. Jasmin asks why are you upset with him. Tejo says no, he knows the matter. Jasmin says you know he loves you a lot, forgive him. Tejo says I will, but he should apologize once. Tejo leaves with Rupy.

Jasmin thinks if I convince Amrik, then we can convince Fateh to convince Tejo. Rupy and Khushbeer are in the election campaign. Fateh and Tejo see each other. She recalls his words and thinks I can never forget you. Jasmin comes there. Angad looks at her. Tejo says you here, if dad sees you… Jasmin says I came to help you, I also want to do some work here. She goes to bring pamphlets. Jasmin sees Amrik. She follows him. Angad thinks what is she going to do in Khushbeer’s tent. Jasmin collides with someone. Amrik leaves from there. Fateh enters the tent. A cctv is shown. Jasmin comes and says I love you. Fateh turns. She says I m sorry. Fateh asks what nonsense. She says I thought Amrik is here. He says Amrik isn’t here, just go. She says listen to me, I have to talk to you also. He says I don’t want to go, please go, wait. He looks outside and asks her to go. She leaves. Tejo comes to Khushbeer and folds hands. She says don’t misunderstand me, I didn’t know dad is standing in the elections against you. Jasmin stops Fateh. She says you have hurt Tejo a lot, apologize to her once, she will forgive you. Tejo says please trust me, I m saying the truth. She sees Fateh and Jasmin talking.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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