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The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked seeing Tejo’s video. Tejo cries. Rupy closes his eyes. Fateh shuts the laptop and stops the video playback. He sees Tejo. She thinks I didn’t think you will fall to this extent. Angad holds her. Fateh goes to her. Abhiraj asks him to go away, how dare he does this. Fateh says I didn’t do anything, I don’t know who did this. Gurpreet asks who can do such a cheap thing. Rupy holds his chest and falls down. Tejo and Jasmin shout Papa. They all hold him. Angad and Abhiraj take Rupy. Khushbeer asks Fateh who did this, no one from Rupy’s party can do this. Fateh says I don’t know, I have to go now, Tejo needs me. Tejo shouts doctor… Rupy is taken to the OT. Satti cries. Angad says Dr. Pradhan is one of the top heart surgeons, Rupy will be fine. Khushbeer asks who made this video, I will take the nomination back if anyone from the party did this. Satti says Rupy always said that Fateh doesn’t love Tejo, I can never forgive him. Tejo hugs her. She cries and says how can Fateh do this. Khurana says these things go on in elections. Khushbeer says I can’t do this with Rupy, he is my Samdhi, Tejo is like my daughter, her insult is my insult, find out who did this, I won’t tolerate this, I should go to Rupy. Gurpreet says you shouldn’t go there. Amrik and Fateh are on the way. Amrik says I m scared, who did this. Fateh worries and thinks of Tejo. He stops the car. He asks Amrik to park the car and come fast. Jasmin goes to Amrik and says dad got a major heart attack, what happened to her. Amrik hugs her and says everything will be fine, we will make everything fine, don’t worry. She says I have hurt you a lot, forgive me, I was going to reception to do formalities. He says I will help you. She asks didn’t Fateh come, why did Fateh do this. He says he didn’t do anything, he isn’t at fault. Fateh comes. Satti scolds him. Fateh says I came to ask about Rupy’s health. Everyone scolds him. Fateh says trust me, I didn’t do anything. Tejo recalls everything. She asks how dare you come here, did you come to see if my dad is alive or dead, why did you come. She slaps him. She says you didn’t care for my respect, you didn’t think of my family, you got mad in anger. Fateh says trust me, I didn’t do anything. Angad comes. Fateh says I don’t know who made that video and played it. She cries. Fateh says I won’t show my face, but I will not go away, I will be here. He goes away and sees Angad consoling Tejo. udaariyaan….plays…

Fateh looks on. Tejo and Jasmin ask nurse to take their blood. Satti says Tejo, you can’t give blood, you didn’t eat anything since morning. Nurse says I will talk to doctor and say. Khushbeer and family come. He says nothing will happen to Rupy, I will find out who did this, and I won’t leave him. Tejo makes his hand off her shoulder. Harman says don’t help us now, you know everything, your son did this. Khushbeer says he is my blood, he can never think of doing this. Satti says I fold hands, please leave, we don’t want anything. Tejo hugs her. Khushbeer goes and prays for Rupy. Nurse says we got a donor for Rupy. Satti prays for the donor. Fateh looks on and recalls telling the nurse that his blood group is O negative, he can donate blood to anyone, if Tejo is unwell, take my blood, I m their family matter. She says okay, come with me. FB ends.

Its morning, Khushbeer asks Inspector to not leave the culprit. Inspector asks him not to worry. Gurpreet says Fateh called, he said Rupy is better, he should get conscious. Amrik gets clothes for Fateh. He leaves. Tejo and everyone are with Rupy. He opens eyes. He sees everyone. He recalls everything. He says forgive me, this happened because of me. She asks him to take rest, he will talk later. He thinks Fateh fell too low today. He asks Angad to come.

Fateh looks on. Rupy says you have to do my work. Angad asks him to command. Rupy says you accept my Tejo. Everyone gets shocked. Rupy cries and says I fold hands to you, marry Tejo. Angad says take rest, if Tejo also wants this, then I accept. Rupy asks Tejo her reply. Tejo recalls Fateh’s words. She says if you want this, then I will do so, I m ready to marry Angad. Fateh gets shocked. Jasmin looks at him. Rupy gives Tejo’s hand to Angad. Angad smiles. Tejo sees Fateh and cries. Fateh recalls Tejo and gets back.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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