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The Episode starts with Rupy and Satti recalling Tejo. Satti asks Abhiraj to get water quickly. She sprinkles water on her face. Tejo wakes up. Satti says I m your mum. Tejo gets back. She runs to Fateh and hides behind. Jasmin looks on. He says don’t get scared, they are your family. Satti says I m your mum. Tejo says Amma is my mummy, who is this aunty. Fateh says Amma is Amma, Satti is your mummy, that’s your dad, Taya ji, Tayi ji and Abhiraj, they love you a lot. Rupy says go to your room and take rest. Tejo says no, don’t go anywhere. Fateh says we will it here, come. They all cry. Fateh makes Tejo drink the water.

Jasmin says I thought you are a Chudail and Naagin, I was right, that’s why you die and come back, I will not leave you this time. She recalls Tejo. She gets a knife. Jasmin says no one can save you today. She stabs Tejo. Everyone is shocked. Tejo falls down. Fateh shouts Tejo. He holds her. Tejo drops dead. Fateh looks at Jasmin angrily. Jasmin’s imagination ends. She sees Fateh with Tejo. She sees her hand. She says time has come to start acting once again. Jasmin goes to Tejo and asks are you alive… Tejo says stay away, who is she. Jasmin says I m Jassu, your sister. Fateh says best friend, Jasmin, not sister, you used to play with her in childhood. Jasmin nods. She says yes, I m your best friend, how did you forget me, thank God you came back, we will play again and go to have chaat. Tejo says I won’t go with you, I don’t know you. She says Fateh why did you get me here, I will stay with you in your house, take me there, we will get married. Jasmin worries. She says Tejo, marriage, Fateh and my…. Rupy stops Jasmin and says look at her bad state, don’t tell anything, let Fateh handle her. Fateh says this is your house, this is your family, stay with them, I have to go to my mummy.

Tejo shouts. He hugs her. He says I m here, we will go to your room. Rupy nods. Fateh takes her. Rupy and everyone cry. Satti says Tejo doesn’t identify me. Rupy says she doesn’t remember her own name, how will she remember us. Fateh says this is your room, your bed, your study table. Tejo gets flashes. She asks are these my books, I used to study? He nods. She drops the books. He sits to pick. Their heads bump. She says once again, else black dog will bite. A rose falls out. She sees it. He says I had given this to you. She says fine, I like this dried flower. She sees Jasmin and her pic. She says its me, why is she with me. He says you love her a lot, she is your best friend. She asks where is your pic. He says its in my room, in my house, this is your house. She says no, I will stay with you. He says we can’t stay together, we aren’t married. She asks when will our marriage happen, shall we do it now, I m ready, you get ready, we will stay together. Jasmin looks on. He says there are many preparations, shopping, decoration…. She says yes, you sit on a horse and come, we will marry and stay together. Jasmin thinks I know how to break your dreams. She says its time to reach Virk family. Gurpreet says call Fateh and ask him where is he, is Jasmin fine. Nimmo says Jasmin ruined the house, today she is carrying the family heir. Jasmin comes. Gurpreet scolds Nimmo. Nimmo says I care for you. Gurpreet says Jasmin is would be bahu, Fateh’s would be wife, heir’s would be mum, she has changed. Khushbeer says she needs us, she is trying to forget Amrik’s loss. Jasmin smiles and thinks I will get the match in my hands.

Gurpreet asks where did you go, leaving the roka. Jasmin says I have to tell you something imp. Khushbeer asks is everything fine. She says it’s a big matter, I feel Fateh should have been here with me, he is handling another matter, sorry, Fateh and I left the roka, we had to go, Fateh had to bring real Tejo home. Nimmo asks real Tejo, what do you want to say. Gurpreet asks what do you mean, Tejo was living with us. Jasmin says sorry again, we have hidden a big thing, the one who stays with us is not Tejo, she is Tejo’s lookalike Tanya, we got her here from London. They get shocked. Fateh shows a dress to Tejo and says its your fav dress, I gifted this to you. Tejo asks really, its very beautiful. He asks her to freshen up, wear it and come. She says okay, where. He shows the washroom. She asks for earrings. Fateh looks at her. He asks what did you say. She says nothing. Rupy and Satti look on. He recalls the earrings he gifted. He thinks does she remember the earrings. She says don’t go. He says I won’t go, I have to see you in your fav dress, go. He says you are at least with me.

Khushbeer and Gurpreet cry. Khushbeer says poor Tejo, she was in ashram, away from home with strangers, we didn’t know. Gurpreet cries and says she has tolerated a lot. Rupy says Tejo is tolerating this because of me, if I didn’t force her to marry Angad, then this would have not happened. Fateh says its past, we have to bring back her memory, and get old Tejo back. Satti says it won’t be easy. Fateh says I will get her back, I was also lost, she had got me back by her love and faith, I know what is love, relations and faith, I will bring her back, I will return her name, identity, house, relations and happiness. Jasmin thinks this time, I will not let my happiness get ruined because of Tejo.

Tejo says Fateh and my wedding card. Jasmin and Tejo fight for Fateh. Fateh says don’t dare to call Tejo mad, else….

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