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The Episode starts with Fateh holding everyone’s hands and asking them to together bring back their Tejo. Tejo calls him out. He says I will just come. He goes to see Tejo. She scares him and laughs. He looks at her. She asks how do I look. He says just like my Tejo. She falls in his arms. Sukoon mila….plays… They smile. She says you caught me, I know, you won’t let me fall ever, right. He says never.

He asks are you not hungry. She says a lot. He says come then, we will have food, I will play a game with you. She says fine, I used to play Dhappa with Billo and Kamal. He says not that, surprise, come. She is blindfold. He says you have to eat the food and tell what did you eat. Satti feeds her the food. Tejo guesses it right. She says chilli…. Satti goes to get water. Rupy feeds the sweets. Tejo says Churi… Rupy cries. She says I feel I have eaten this churi before. Fateh removes the blindfold. He says your dad used to feed you this way. Tejo says he is uncle. Fateh says not uncle, he is your dad. Rupy signs Fateh and says yes, you can call me uncle, have the churi. Tejo holds his tear in her hand. She says tear would have fallen in the churi, tear has salt, it doesn’t look good in sweet churi. Satti goes and cries.

Tejo says aunty is crying, is she upset with me. Rupy says no, she went to get daal for you. Harman and Lovely console Satti. Satti says we should be happy that Tejo has come back to us, Fateh is right, we will make her fine by our love and courage. Lovely says yes, I didn’t like that imposter. Satti says Tejo came back because of Tanya. Door bell rings. Fateh thinks Tanya has come.

Tejo says I will check the door. The man says it’s the wedding card. Tejo says its my and Fateh’s wedding card, I will see it first. She gets shocked and reads Fateh weds Jasmin. She says bad card, its wrong, its my wedding card, why isn’t Tejo’s name written, Fateh is my groom. She shouts and tears the card. Jasmin comes with Khushbeer, Nimmo and Gurpreet. Jasmin asks why are you tearing my wedding card. Gurpreet asks why is she behaving like kids. Tejo scolds Jasmin.

She says I will tear all the cards. Jasmin says don’t do this, leave it. Fateh tries to stop Tejo. Tejo’s hand hits him. He falls back and gets hurt on his head. Everyone worries. He says I m okay. Nimmo says I think Tejo lost her mind. Jasmin asks are you mad, what did you do. Fateh shouts Jasmin, you called her mad, if you say again, then I will not leave you. Jasmin thinks what did I say, everyone will know that I m not happy with her coming. Tejo says I have hurt Fateh, I m really bad. Fateh says no. Everyone looks on and cries. Fateh calms down Tejo. Gurpreet says our Tejo has become like this. Fateh hugs Tejo. Jasmin thinks your madness can return me my Fateh. She acts and faints down. Everyone worries for her. Fateh asks Rupy to handle Jasmin. He goes with Tejo.

Tejo says you got much hurt, I m a bad girl. He says nothing happened. She says I will fix everything. Main to tere naal….plays… He recalls their moments. He says I got fine, your hands have magic. She says Amma also used to say this. He says because Amma also loved you, this is your room, your family, nothing will happen, sleep for sometime. She says I m not getting sleep, Amma used to make me sleep by applying oil to my hair and singing a lullaby. He says I understood, come. Doctor checks Jasmin. She says she took much stress, feed her well, everything will be fine. Gurpreet says take care Jasmin. Jasmin says I m okay, I got worried seeing Tejo’s condition. Harman asks Rupy what shall we do. Rupy says we will see, she doesn’t identify us. Fateh applies the oil to Tejo’s hair. He sings for her…. Tere sapno ki duniya mein…. He recalls their moments. She sleeps. He gets up and sees her dupatta tied to his kurta. He opens the knot. She stops him and says don’t open it, you have to stay with me like this always. He asks what if I have to go to loo. She says fine, open it. He says I m joking, I will sit here, I won’t go. She asks promise. He says promise. He opens the knot, and gets up. He covers her up with the quilt, and goes. Satti says I m worried for Tejo, shall I go and see her. She asks Fateh is Tejo fine. He says she is sleeping, she needs rest. Jasmin says sorry, I should have not told that, I m worried for Tejo, she got so hyper suddenly. Rupy says everything will be fine. Jasmin asks when will things get fine, how will she handle herself seeing Fateh and my marriage. Fateh asks why would she react that way when this won’t happen. He removes and keeps the ring. He says this marriage can’t happen. Everyone gets shocked.

Tejo shouts on everyone and says stay away, you are bad. Gurpreet asks Fateh how will he handle Tejo, will he become her mum. Fateh shouts yes.

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