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The Episode starts with Fateh and Tejo dancing with everyone. Aykam’s dad Randhawa gets threatened by some goons. He says I m not scared of anyone, get lost. He goes inside the party to his wife. He says I m a police officer, such things do happen, we shall leave, where are the kids. She says they just started to enjoy the party. Naaz recalls Jasmin and thinks it would have been good if you were here. She imagines Jasmin dancing with everyone. Naaz smiles. Jasmin disappears. Naaz looks around. Nehmat sees her and asks her to smile. She says mum and dad planned a surprise for you also, come and dance. They dance.

Fateh hugs them. The goon sees a car and says go and fail the car brakes, its Randhawa’s car, it should be his last day today. The other goon does the work. The goons leave from there. Gurpreet asks Khushbeer did you ask them to decorate the car. He says yes. The staff decorates the same car. Fateh and Tejo dance on Pyaar hua ikraar hua… Nehmat records their dance. Everyone claps for them. Naaz asks Nehmat to come with them in their car, they will watch a video. Tejo asks Nehmat to go. She says we have to tell you something. Nehmat asks Naaz to record the video. Tejo says we want to say thanks for giving us the beautiful gift of our life. Fateh says yes, we love you so much. Tejo says yes, we love you a lot. Nehmat says I love you too. She hugs everyone. Biji says she is hugging like we won’t meet again. Nehmat says I just wish to hug you all. She goes. Tejo and Nehmat’s kaleerain and dupatta get stuck. Tejo frees Nehmat’s dupatta. Tejo says you are my number one girl, we love you. Naaz gets upset. Tejo asks Naaz to come. She hugs Naaz and Nehmat. Fateh asks them to go. Tejo says we are also coming. The girls go. Everyone sits in the car. Fateh says I will make a payment and come. Abhiraj says we shall start dancing. They all dance. Rupy says Khushbeer didn’t come till now. Fateh, Tejo and family talk on the way and laugh. They are on the way. Khushbeer checks the brakes. He gets worried. He says Fateh, brakes have failed. Everyone is shocked. Rupy says we have come here, but Khushbeer didn’t come. Lovely asks Satti to get aarti plate for grahpravesh. Fateh asks Khushbeer to put in first gear and leave the clutch, the car will stop. Khushbeer says no, its not happening. Fateh asks him to hit some tree. He asks everyone to hold tight. Tejo asks him to be careful. Khushbeer sees a car coming and turns the steering. The car meets with an accident. Udaariyaan…plays… Satti sees the diya flickering and rushes to hold. The diya is put off. She worries and thinks what is happening. Fateh, Tejo and family are seen lying injured.

Fateh tries coming out of the car. He sees Tejo lying a bit far. Tejo turns and sees Fateh crawling to reach her. They both try and hold hands. Tere naal…plays… They cry.

He says I will always have your name on my lips even after death. She says we will live and die together. He says even death can make us apart. He kisses him. Their moments are seen. They both fall dead. Satti drops the aarti plate. Rupy drops the phone. Everyone is shocked. They all cry. Naaz and Nehmat hug and cry. Naaz says I m sorry, now we have to take care of each other, promise me, we will always stay together.

After 16 years, Nehmat and Aykam are seen running into some field. Nehmat dances with the girls. Aykam asks how much will you make me run, stop. He holds her hand and pulls. He hugs her. They both fall down. He moves her hair off her face. They smile seeing each other. He says you can run fast, but I will catch you. She says you caught me by trick. He says you are Soni, I m Mahiwal. She asks him to say some good dialogue. She shows the jeep keys. He asks her to stop. She runs. He runs after her. Udaariyaan…plays…. He says don’t make me run more now. She asks why. He says I was afraid that someone else will reach you before me. She says then agree, I will drive your new jeep. He says its second hand. She says we will go in this jeep, you will get police jeep after your training completes, then this jeep will be mine, we have less time, our life’s new inning will start in some time. He says dad doesn’t support our love story. She asks will our marriage never happen, what happened to him. He says don’t know why he stays disturbed, why is he against our love story. Randhawa is seen recalling the goons’ words and the car accident. Nehmat says you should talk to your dad. Aykam says he was against my police academy training, I had to do it, so he doesn’t talk to me. Randhawa feels guilty for Virks family’s death. He says if this secret comes out, then my children’s lives will get ruined.

Aykam says we are together since 16 years, you couldn’t come out of this pain, I want to become a police officer and find out why did dad get suspended, how did that accident happen.

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