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The Episode starts with Jasmin and Amrik seeing Fateh after their car and hiding. Fateh jogs. Jasmin asks the driver to drive faster. Its morning, Gurpreet says Amrik is nowhere. Fateh comes home. Mahi says I got this from the terrace. Fateh asks what happened. Gurpreet asks did you know where is Amrik. Khushbeer says he has run away. Satti says Jasmin isn’t at home, her clothes and stuff, its not here, I think she has run away. Fateh thinks oh no… Rupy asks how will she go, she has no money. Lovely comes and says my jewellery isn’t there. Satti checks the jewellery boxes. She finds it empty. She says she has taken everything. Rupy says she can never change. Satti says she always asks for forgiveness and then does the same mistake. Khushbeer says I will call Jasmin and ask. Harman gets a call.

Amrik says we had no other way. Jasmin asks him not to worry. He says no one should see us. She says we are husband and wife, we will fly in some time, then who will stop us. Tanya is on the way. She talks to Linda and says its my birthday today. Angad hears her and thinks Tejo’s birthday is on 25th sept, I have to find out everything. Tanya says no, he didn’t come again, maybe he got his Tejo. Angad goes to Tanya’s house and unlocks by getting the keys. He thinks what can be the top secret, maybe she wants to know who burnt her. He checks some files and gets her passport.

He checks Tanya Gill’s name. A girl asks who are you, I m the flat owner’s daughter, how did you come. Angad says I m Tanya’s school friend from India, its her birthday, I came to get the pics to make a collage to surprise her, don’t tell her else my surprise will spoil. He thinks what shall I tell her family, her identity is different, they will get active. Khushbeer says Jasmin and Amrik have run away. Rupy asks did you think Amrik would do this. Khushbeer says no, we didn’t know they will do this. Rupy says don’t know where are they. Gurpreet asks Khushbeer to do something, Amrik has no sense. He shouts he has sense to make the girl flee, he can do anything. Rupy says don’t know where they went, we have to get them. Amrik surprises Jasmin. Jasmin smiles happily and bows down to kiss the ground. She says thanks Lord. Amrik says its enough, come, we will go. She says let anyone see. She dances. Badal pe paun hai….plays….

She says you have completed my dream, I just dreamt of Canada, the dream which your brother had burnt, its fine, we didn’t go to Canada, but London. Buzo says maybe they went too far. Abhiraj taunts and argues with Mahi. Fateh comes. Abhiraj says I have seen Amrik holding Jasmin’s hand and taking her out. Gurpreet says she is his wife. Abhiraj says Jasmin was changing, you all couldn’t see, you did this with Tejo also. Buzo asks him not to make it a big issue. Abhiraj says Tejo left us, my both sisters’ lives got ruined, Simran had run away from home. Buzo asks how dare you say this. Buzo and Abhiraj fight. Fateh shouts stop fighting, I got to know about the cab which they booked, I will find out where they are. khushbeer asks him to talk to cab driver.

Tanya comes to the café. Everyone wishes her happy birthday. Tanya thanks them. Tanya enjoys with her friends. Aw… Tera Happy birthday….plays… She cuts the cake. Jasmin and Amrik are around. Fateh says I met the cab driver, he said he dropped them to the airport. Gurpreet asks did they go abroad. Mahi says maybe they went to Canada. Amrik says everyone would be worried. Jasmin says you don’t worry, we are in London, don’t take Moga name. He says I have to inform mum. She says its okay, let everything settle down first, parents are such, they will forgive us. Fateh says we have to file a police complaint to know about them. Khushbeer and Rupy refuse to find out. Khushbeer asks how did they get the money. Satti says Jasmin took the jewellery from home. Gurpreet says some money is missing from my cupboard also, Amrik has stolen the cash, he was simple. Amrik says we have stolen the jewellery and cash, its wrong. She says relax, everything is fair in love and war, lets click a good pic. Mahi says Jasmin can do anything, this would be her idea. Gurpreet says yes, I didn’t give such values to my children. Satti argues and taunts Fateh’s values. Khushbeer and Rupy also argue. He asks him to stop it and leave. Fateh says I wanted to unite both families, forgive me, I couldn’t do this. Tanya says its my birthday, have the cake. She serves the customers. Jasmin says we shall have something good here. Jasmin and Amrik come there.

Tanya dances with her friends on the road. Jasmin and Amrik join her gang. Jasmin turns and gets shocked seeing Tanya. She hugs Tanya. Amrik looks on.

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