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The Episode starts with Jasmin and Amrik coming towards the café. Tanya gets a call and turns away. She calls out Ruchi and goes running. Jasmin hears her and turns to see. She says Tejo…. Amrik asks what happened, you know whatever happened with her 6 months back. Tanya meets Ruchi. She turns towards Jasmin. She gets a call from Camie. She says I have to go, its urgent. Jasmin says I wish Tejo was here with me. She imagines Tejo. Amrik asks what happened. He holds her hand and takes her. Tanya checks her belongings. She says nothing is missing but, was that guy fair, tall, he had a beard. Camie says yes. Tanya says he thinks I m some TJ, he isn’t ready to believe that I m not her, he isn’t scared of police. Camie asks who is he, I will ask mum to fix CCTV, call any friend to stay with you, you won’t feel scared. Tejo says I m not scared of anyone. Fateh is at Gurudwara. Tanya talks to Sameer. She is on the way. She stops at the Gurudwara and goes to thank for her happy life. Fateh thinks just Baba ji can do a miracle and make me alive again. Tanya wishes good for everyone, those who want love gets their love. Fateh thinks I m not able to believe that Tejo isn’t in this world.

Tanya and her friends dance on the road. Befikre….plays…. Jasmin sees them and runs to dance with them. Jasmin and Amrik join them. Jasmin collides with Tanya and turns. She gets shocked seeing her. She recalls Tejo dying in the fire. She cries. Amrik comes to Jasmin. Jasmin shows Tanya to him. He also gets shocked. Jasmin hugs Tanya. Sameer takes Tanya with him. Amrik says she was Tejo ji, right. Jasmin says she is Tejo, she is alive, she got saved that day, what is she doing here in London, we should go after her. Tanya goes with her friends. Jasmin and Amrik follow her. Tanya leaves in the taxi. Jasmin asks do you know that girl, Tejo. The man says that’s not Tejo, that’s Tanya. Jasmin says Tanya and I are good friends, we lost contacts, you know her address. The man says I don’t know. Jasmin says what’s all this, why is Tejo hiding herself. Amrik says she was just like Tejo, but her attitude was different. Jasmin says we have to find out.

Fateh says I told them not to do anything wrong, they didn’t listen, the families got angry again. Buzo says I have some contacts to find out about them, but it will take time. Fateh says once I find them, I will get them back, I promised Tejo that I will unite both the families, till then her soul won’t get peace. Jasmin and Amrik see Tanya leaving from the café. Tanya says you are the same girl. Jasmin holds her hand. Amrik says Tejo ji, why are you behaving like you don’t know me, I m Amrik, she is your younger sister Jasmin. Angad comes there and looks on. Jasmin says I m glad you are alive. Angad thinks what are they doing here, they will help me find out, how will Tejo lie to them. Tanya says maybe I look like Tejo, you know the theory, seven people have the identical face. Jasmin says I think you lose your memory, come with me. Tanya asks what nonsense, who is this Jassu, I don’t know Tejo and Jassu, that mad man was saying the same about fire and Tejo. Jasmin asks who. Tanya says there was someone insane like you guys, I m fit and fine. Angad says how can anyone be so similar, Tanya is Tejo, Tejo is Tanya. Tanya says I m Tanya Gill, I m from India, I have no connection with Punjab, I m not burnt in fire, I don’t know you. She goes. Jasmin asks what do you think, who can be that man. Amrik says this girl has a different personality. She says I felt the same when I hugged her. He asks how can she survive that fire. Tanya says I think their beloved Tejo is dead, so they are thinking its me. Ruchi jokes. Jasmin says we will call Fateh here, if that girl is Tejo, then she can’t stop her feelings. Amrik says good idea, I will tell him about Tejo. Jasmin says no, we have no confirmation, let me handle this. She calls Fateh. Fateh asks where are you two. She says we are in London. He asks London?

Fateh lands in London. He sees Tanya and gets shocked.

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