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The Episode starts with Fateh asking Tejo did she cheat him when it was about her sister. He scolds her. She says I wanted to tell you. He says you didn’t see Amrik’s tears. Khushbeer asks Rupy did he know this. Satti says no, we didn’t know about it. He asks what will you tell about this, Fateh was wrong, what will you do now. Tejo says I fold hands, its because of me, its my mistake, don’t fight, we had seen Jasmin’s enmity, I saw this path to bring her back on the path, this was the only reason. She says I had good intentions, trust me. Fateh says mum was going to lose her son, you have cheated her. Gurpreet recalls her words. Tejo asks Khushbeer to believe her. He says its tough.

Rupy says forgive Tejo, we will end this matter here. Khushbeer says you forgive us, how long will we forgive your daughters. Rupy says we accept any punishment you give us, I had the option to not forgive Fateh but I did, you also forgive Tejo, she wanted her sister’s betterment. Khushbeer says Fateh also wants his brother’s betterment, we trusted Tejo, I don’t see any difference between Tejo and Jasmin today. He scolds them. He says no one has any right to shout in front of me today. Satti says calm down, please. Khushbeer says since my son fell for your girls, we got trapped, spare us. Tejo asks Fateh not to doubt her intentions, please. Fateh recalls her promise and says you left my hand, you could have come to me and told me, we would have forgiven you, you spoiled everything.

Tejo asks him not to go away this way. Fateh recalls the words. Dil tutta ve….plays…. She holds his hand and cries. He leaves. Khushbeer says I went against my son and supported you but you have broken all the relations today, and our hearts also. Virk family leaves. Satti holds Tejo and cries. Amrik sees Jasmin and leaves. Jasmin cries and runs after him. Amrik goes to Fateh. Jasmin says please listen to me once, I wanted to say the truth so I had written the letter for you, we will fix everything, listen to me. She falls in his feet. She says I m your wife, let me explain, give me one chance. Fateh asks her to get away. He says he doesn’t believe you his wife. He takes Amrik. She shouts. Fateh leaves with Amrik. Angad comes to Jasmin. Rupy stops Tejo. Tejo says they are going, stop them please. He says no need to stop them, they won’t see your tears. She runs. Harman says Khushbeer crossed limits today. Angad says they left, stop acting, no one is seeing your crocodile tears, was this your master plan, Fateh changed the groom and then you didn’t let Fateh and Tejo’s roka happen, its not a chance that Fateh got that latter, you planned this to separate Fateh and Tejo, so that you unite with him. Jasmin says Amrik and my relation broke, Fateh and Tejo didn’t unite, you would have got happy. He says I could have told him the truth about Dara, Tejo stopped me, else I would have exposed your truth that day itself, I trusted Tejo’s love for you, I thought she told the truth to Fateh, you stopped her from telling the truth to Fateh and then made the letter reach him. She says shut up, I know the truth, I don’t need to explain anything to you.

Fateh makes Amrik rest. Amrik cries and hugs him. Fateh says you can get a sleep of peace now, you didn’t kill anyone, it was Jasmin’s plan, Tejo and Jasmin cheated us, I will take revenge. Gurpreet says Jasmin broke his heart but Tejo broke our trust. Tejo throws her bangles. She sits crying. Kasme vaade….plays… Fateh cries in his room. They recall their vows. He throws the things. Tejo says he is angry, I did a big mistake, I have hurt him and entire family, his anger is justified. Fateh says Jasmin will get punished for her deeds. Rupy stops Jasmin. Jasmin says I m going to talk to Tejo. He slaps her.

He says you have ruined her life once again, you showed your truth again. She says you can beat me, scold me, but please trust me, I didn’t do anything. Tejo cries and prays to get some way. Angad comes. She asks what did this happen, how did I make such a big mistake, why didn’t I listen to you, you asked me to tell everything to Fateh, I agreed to Jasmin, see what happened today, Fateh left me. Angad asks who are you, where is Tejo, I don’t know you, you got defeated, no, the Tejo I know has something in her, she is a fighter, Fateh will not leave you ever. He repeats. She says you are saying right, I won’t fall weak, I will meet him and explain him, I have hurt him and his entire family, I will apologize to them, but not lose, he can take time and forgive me, I will not let him leave me. Fateh thinks I can never forgive you Tejo.

Amrik asks Jasmin to leave and never come back. He shuts the door. Jasmin gets arrested. Tejo thinks Fateh didn’t do this right.

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