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The Episode starts with Fateh seeing Angad and Tejo. He gets angry and leaves. He says I got an imp work, you say thanks to Tejo. He leaves. Khushbeer looks on. Tejo says I still love him, I will always love him, but thinking that I still love him, I hate myself. Angad gets a call. He says I m coming, 2 mins. He says I have an imp meeting, I will meet later. He leaves. Khushbeer comes to meet Tejo. She greets him. He asks how are you. She says I m okay. He says I shall say sorry or thanks, I don’t know, party gave me the ticket back. She asks really, congrats. He says I realized why you had done that, just to make things stay fine. She says I will always pray for you. He says I want you to come there. She says sure, and takes his blessings. She sees the icecream fallen. She thinks did Fateh come here.

Its morning, Rupy asks where are you going. Tejo says I have a relation with Khushbeer, I can’t break it. He says then decide you want to support blood relations or heart relations. Abhiraj comes and asks him to come to DM office. She asks why. He says Rupy got a ticket from the party office. Harman says farmers respect Rupy. Rupy says you do what you want, I have no problem. Fateh and family are with Khushbeer. They reach the party office. Khurana says there is no one against you in competition. Khushbeer says there will be someone surely. Fateh says we will go inside. Khushbeer says let Tejo come, she will surely come. They see the opposition party person coming. They get shocked seeing Rupy and family. Khurana says he is your Samdhi, he is standing against you.

Tejo comes there. Fateh looks at her. He gets angry. Khurana says Tejo got you a ticket, now she is supporting her father, I can’t believe it. Tejo looks at Khushbeer. Fateh thinks she did this intentionally. Jasmin and Angad are also there. Tejo thinks I m helpless, both of them are my dad. Gurpreet says I don’t understand Tejo. Buzo says she is under family pressure. Jasmin hides her face and stays in crowd. She thinks what’s happening, did the pandit say right, my life will also get ruined and Fateh and Tejo will never unite. Abhiraj shows the banners. Tejo tears the wrong posters against Khushbeer. She asks them to stop it. Abhiraj says you are still giving them so much importance. Jasmin gets Sweety’s call. She goes out to her. She hugs Sweety. She says I m in a big mess, dad doesn’t want to see my face, Amrik isn’t letting me come there, I just have to convince just one person, that’s Fateh. Angad comes and looks on. Jasmin says I know if Fateh agrees, then everyone will agree, Amrik loves me a lot. Sweety asks do you also love Amrik. Jasmin sees Angad. She says Amrik is my husband, I will talk to you later.

Angad says tell me, do you love Amrik. Jasmin goes. Angad says I m keeping an eye on you. Tejo asks Jasmin where is she going. She says I will drop you. Jasmin says no, I will go by auto, you go. Angad sees Jasmin at the college. He gets Tejo’s call. He says yes, I reached the college. Jasmin goes to Fateh and says I want to talk to you, Amrik loves me, I m his wife, he said he will forgive me when you forgive me. He says I have no problem if he wants to forgive you.

She says I have to talk about Tejo, what did you think. He says I already thought of it. Tejo shows the banner printouts. Angad says it will be done. She asks him to control Abhiraj, no one should insult Khushbeer. He says I understand, it will be challenging for you, it can create more distance between Fateh and you. Tejo sees Jasmin and Fateh. She says what is she talking to him. Angad says I m sure she wants everything to get fine between Fateh and you.

Jasmin comes home. Tejo asks did you go to meet Fateh. Jasmin says yes, I went to request for your sake, he is stubborn. Tejo asks why did you do, don’t think this fight is because of you, don’t do this again. Abhiraj asks Rupy to come with him, Virks are having a rally, we should also go. Rupy says come, I have to show Khushbeer that I also have good values, which I gave to my children. Jasmin thinks Amrik will be there too. Tejo asks where are you going. Jasmin says Sweety’s place. They hear a weather report about the bad weather possibility. Tejo asks her to come back soon. Jasmin hears Fateh talking on call. She says Amrik isn’t here. She asks driver to take her back to Moga. Fateh asks Khushbeer to leave, weather is getting bad. He worries. Tejo also worries for everyone. She sees everyone coming back. She says where is Jasmin. She calls Jasmin. She says its connecting. She calls Sweety and asks for Jasmin. Sweety says she didn’t meet me today. Tejo says did she lie to me again. She recalls Fateh and Jasmin.

Tejo and Angad look for Jasmin. It rains heavily. Rupy asks Satti where did Jasmin go and why. Jasmin gets stuck somewhere. Some men try to tease her and open the car door. She gets down the car and runs on the road. The men follow her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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