Udaipur wrapped in the blanket of fog on the second day also, no flight could be done on Monday

Udaipur: Udaipur  The city remained in the grip of fog on the second day also after the bitter cold a week ago. Visibility was up to 500 meters on Monday. . But on Tuesday morning, even 10 meters away, nothing was visible. Talking about the highway, the speed of vehicles had slowed down due to fog. The Meteorological Department has also expressed the possibility of rain in Rajasthan, so fog before rain has knocked.

Due to the high houses in the cities, the fog could not affect. But as soon as they were coming in the open, there was a fierce fog. Udaipur city was not even visible from the height of the hill. Be informed that due to fog on Monday, all 5 morning flights at Udaipur airport were canceled. Not only this, one flight kept flying in the air for a long time. Tuesday was more foggy than Monday. Due to this, the flight may be canceled even today.

Milk, vegetables, school bus all late

Due to the fog, the vehicles of essential commodities also reached the city with great delay. Where milk was supplied daily at 7 o’clock to the houses, that supply was delayed by one and a half hours. They reached after eight o’clock while they reach by six o’clock. Apart from this, the children’s school drop-off vehicles were also late. 

cold again after eight days

Talking about the decreasing temperature in Udaipur, on January 16, there was severe cold for two-three days. According to the recorded temperature in Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, it reached -4 degree Celsius on January 16. . This is the record of the last 50 years. After this, the temperature increased and the minimum temperature reached 9 degrees. After this, the cold suddenly increased from Monday. The Meteorological Department has also expressed the possibility of rain in Rajasthan. 

Dense fog on Pindwara Highway in the morning

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