Ujjain: Lord Ganesha’s temple where he invites for auspicious works, worries away from mere darshan

MP News: There is such a temple of Lord Ganesha in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, where if Manglik is given, God frees from worry and proves the work along with giving desired results. This is the Chintaman Ganesh Temple in Ujjain. Here the last yatra was organized on the fourth Wednesday of Chaitra month. A large number of people here took blessings after seeing the three forms of Lord Ganesha.

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First Ganesha is then given to the guests 
Invitation letter is given to the temple first, after which the guests are invited. Chintaman Ganesh temple is mentioned in the Avantika section of Skanda Purana. Along with Lord Chintaman Ganesh, the desire mind and Siddhi Vinayak Ganesh are also seated here. Marriage ceremonies are also organized here, but people from most of the districts of Ujjain-Indore division come here to invite auspicious functions. The last yatra was organized on the fourth Wednesday of Chaitra month. Devotees also come here to offer the donation of the crop.

devotees have great faith in Chintaman
Harish Kumar of Indore, who came to invite the magazine at Chintaman Ganesh temple, told that his elder daughter is already married. Now the younger son is getting married. He had given the first invitation to Lord Chintaman Ganesh, after which all his worries went away and the marriage ceremony was completed smoothly. With the invitation to Lord Ganesha, the work gets completed successfully. He has given the first invitation for Manglik work in Ujjain’s Chintaman Ganesh as well as Indore’s Khajrana Ganesh temple.

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