Ujjain News: Heavy protocol on money in Mahakaleshwar temple, Pandit-Purohit also in protest

Mahakal Protocol News: Despite deducting a receipt of 1500 in Mahakaleshwar temple, the devotees have to wait for hours to offer prayers to God due to the protocol system. In fact, this entire mess is coming to the fore because of the protocol rules made for influential people. Now pundits and priests are also protesting against the protocol system.  

Now the temple committee takes decisions keeping in mind all the arrangements daily according to the number of devotees. Common devotees coming to Mahakaleshwar temple have to pay 250 rupees for early darshan and 1500 rupees for water consecration but due to protocol arrangement many VIPs reach the front row without spending any amount.

Pandits and priests of Mahakaleshwar temple are also opposing this rule and system. Pandit Shailendra Guru of Mahakaleshwar temple told that due to the protocol arrangement, disorder is spreading many times, due to which the devotees are not able to take advantage of the facility even after paying the amount. He told that complaints have been made to the Mahakal temple committee several times, but the result has been mixed. 

What facilities are available in the protocol?
There has been opposition for a long time regarding the VIP darshan method in the Mahakaleshwar temple. North’s MLA Paras Jain has also approved that the distinction between common and special should end in the Mahakaleshwar temple, but this has not happened yet. In the Mahakaleshwar temple, hundreds of applications for Bhasma Aarti along with Protocol Darshan and Pooja Archana reach the committee every day.  Devotees attending the Bhasma Aarti have to deduct a receipt of 200 while there is no cost for darshan and worship through the protocol.

Who gets the protocol?
First class special officers as well as politicians get protocol in the Mahakaleshwar temple. Apart from this, many people also get protocol through the recommendation of politicians. Although no criteria have been made regarding this yet, influential people are taking great advantage of the protocol system. Through the protocol, the influential people enter the sanctum sanctorum with a shortcut, while the devotees who spend money and queue up have to wait for hours. 

Devotees also object to the disorder
Pune PS Singh, a devotee who came from Pune, told that he stood in the queue for three hours, while the devotees going in front of him immediately performed Jalabhishek of God. . Similarly, Srishti Tomar, who came from Ahmedabad, also raised her voice regarding the disorder. He said that the rules should be equal for all. If darshan is to be done through protocol system, then the queue of all the devotees should be one, even if no amount is taken from the devotees who go according to the protocol. 

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