‘Ukraine shot dead Russian soldiers who surrendered, this is a war crime’, Russia alleges

Russia Ukraine War: In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine war, a video and picture has surfaced which shows that the war has become so gruesome that the soldiers are now thirsty for each other’s blood. In the video and picture going viral on social media, it is being claimed that Ukrainian soldiers have gunned down the surrendering Russian soldiers to death. Russia has named this a war crime while Ukraine has denied the allegations.

The video which is going viral on social media is of about 13 seconds. In this video some soldiers are lying face down on the ground. Then two soldiers come one by one and they also lie down near the soldiers lying upside down. All these soldiers are wearing the uniform of the Russian Army. A Ukrainian soldier is also seen standing at one place in the video. 

‘Russia told- war crime’
The video is visible from the courtyard of a house or a courtyard. The video ends there and then another picture goes viral where all those soldiers are seen lying on a pool of blood. Quoting this video, the Defense Ministry of Russia has named this war-crime. According to the information, this video is from Mavkik near the disputed Luhansk province where the war is going on between the forces of Russia and Ukraine. Russia claims that 10 Russian soldiers have been killed in this barbaric action by the Ukrainian army.

Soldiers who surrendered were also shot
According to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Ukrainian soldiers have killed self-surrendered Russian soldiers, which is against the rules of war. Is. Russia alleges that such treatment of prisoners of war is not acceptable. While the Russian army claims that it adopts humane treatment with the surrendering Ukrainian soldiers under the Geneva Treaty. The Russian Ministry of Defense holding Ukraine’s President Zelensky responsible for such barbaric action, will be tried in the court of history. Russia alleges that this is not the first war-crime by the Ukrainian army.

How strong are Russia’s allegations?
After Russia’s allegations, another video of more than 13 seconds has surfaced on social media, which is being released by Ukraine-backed accounts. At the end of this video, a surrendering Russian soldier is said to be firing towards Ukrainian soldiers. The video fades out as soon as the firing is done. It is claimed that it was only after the last Russian soldier fired that Ukrainian troops retaliated, killing Russian soldiers lying on the ground.

How much loss of Russia in the war?
Ukraine has also been accusing Russia of war crimes. A few months ago during the war, Ukraine had made a big allegation of killing of civilians by the Russian army in Bucha. For the last 9 months, there is a war going on between Russia and Ukraine in which the armies of both the countries have suffered huge losses. 

Ukraine claims that more than 84 thousand soldiers of Russia have been killed so far. Apart from this, Ukraine claims that a large number of fighter planes, helicopters, tanks, drones etc. have been shot down. At the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry claims that more than 60 thousand Ukrainians have been killed during the war. Apart from this, more than 6500 tanks including 333 aircraft, 177 helicopters of Ukraine have been shot down.

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