They said it will be long and painful,

They said it would be worth it.

They all said a lot of things,

And most of the time I heard it.

But of all the things they said,

They could have never prepared me

For how much heaven like it actually felt

To finally hold my baby.

Whole family is sitting in the living room and watching news. Since last night weather is getting worse and there is heavy snowfall in New york which has resulted in a sudden drop of temperature to minus four degree celsius. Due to which all roads are blocked and schools have been closed for a week as per government orders.

Ad: Oh god! Because of this weather now our trip is cancelled.

Ak: hmmm. Avi I second you.

(both avi and akshu gets sad because of cancellation of trip)

R: Aye don’t be sad. Tum trip par nhi jaa sakte toh kya hua. You can enjoy at home. See there is a lot of snow outside, you just go and enjoy.

V: Tab tak main aur riddhima tumhare liye tum tino ka favorite lunch prepare karte hain.

Ok mumma and papa (trio says in union and wents to backyard to play with snow)

Vansh and Riddhima looks at their kids playing in snow adoringly.

V: kitne khush ag rahe hai na tino.

R: Hmmm. I wish yeh hamesha aise hi khush rahe. Vansh don’t you think that in this pregnancy my baby bump is larger than that of my previous ones. You know what, I feel like, I am having twins.

V: What are you saying riddhima every month we goes for your sonography don’t you think if we are having twins then we might have known.

R: Maybe you are right. I am just overthinking. Let’s go we need to prepare lunch.

V: Yes madam.

R: Agh..

V: What happened? You alright

R: Yeah. I am fine it’s just contractions you know.

V: You sure na you are fine. I mean your contractions are getting worse.

R: Han vansh. These contractions are normal during pregnencies and you very well know that you just don’t worry.

V: Ok

( both vansh and riddhima heads towards kitchen to prepare lunch)

After some time…….

R: vansh tum dining table par khana lagao tak tak main bachho ko lekar aati hun.

Ay: Avi be careful you will fall down and hurt yourself and Akshu why are you not wearing your shoes? Wear them now otherwise you’ll catch cold.

Yes boss ( both avi and akshu says in union)

Ay: He bhagwan ! What will happen of both of you.Tum hamesha kuch na kuch ulti sidhi harkate karte ho rehete ho aur kabhi apna dhyan nahi rakhte

Ad: Bhai we know that you are there to take care of us forever so why will we look after us. You are our best friend, our elder brother, our mother and our father.

Ak: Yes bahi. Avi is right.

Ay: Acha beta ruko tum main abhi batata hoon tum dono ko.

(after this avi and akshu starts running and ayu starts chasing them)

R: Baccho, come inside lunch is ready.

Yes, mumma we are coming (trio says in union)

(Every one settles on dining table and vansh serves them food)

R: Today I will feed you with my hands.

V: Is there something special today.

R: Do I need any special occasion to feed my kids with my hands.

V: Absolutely not you can feed them whenever you want

(Riddhima feeds kids with her hands and they have a good family time)

At 11pm

@riansh’s room

Riddhima’s POV

Oh god! Why is it paining like hell I am unable to sleep should I wake up vansh . No I don’t think so he will get worried for no reason maybe it’s just contractions they’ll pass after some time. But I never have that much contractions in my previous pregnancies unless it is delivery time. Oh no! is it labour pain but how is that possible I am in my 7th month. Aghhh! I need to wake up vansh now I am damn sure it is labour pain.

Vansh get the hell up.

V: What happened riddhima? why are you screaming is everything all right?

R: Vansh I am in labour pain we need to go hospital.

V: What? How is that possible it’s just your 7th month. Doctors said it will be a normal delivery

R: I don’t know vansh it is paining a lot hurry up

V:Ok. Tum 10 minute ruko main doctor smith ko call karkar inform karta hun aur Isabella ko bhi call kar deta hun ki woh baccho ka dhyan rakhne ke liye aa jaye and then tumhari files leta hun aur car nikalta hun aur roads bhi check karta hunk i kis raaste se hum jaa sakte hain kyunki snowfall bhaut ho rahi hai.

( It took one hour for vansh to visit hospital as roads were covered with snow. Riddhima was was screaming on top of her lungs when she was admitted in maternity ward. They reach the hospital at 12pm and now doctors are checking her)

V: Dr smith how is Raima. Are my son and my wife all right.

( I have already mentioned that vansh and riddhima are living with fake identities as Veer Raichand and Raima Raichand. In India it is illegal to determine a child’s s*x before birth but this is not so in America if parents want then they can know their child’s s*x.)

V: But how is that possible doctor Dr Smith: Mr Veer I already told you that there are complications in your wife’s pregnancy because of that she has gone through placental abruption and has a major internal bleeding. In order to save them we need to perform immediate C-Section.

V: everything was going well reports were also normal then what happened suddenly?

Dr.Smith: I know Mr. Veer that everything was fine and I don’t know what happened at sudden. You need to be strong we will try our best. You just go and complete all the formalities as we need to start the surgery.

(Vansh goes to complete the formalities and after that riddhima has been taken to OT. Now it is 4:00 am in the morning vansh is sitting outside the OT praying for his child’s and riddhima’s well being. Vansh sees the doctor is coming out and he immediately stands up and goes toward doctor)

V: How is my son and my wife doctor? Are they all right?

Dr.Smith: Hold on Mr.Raichand . First of all congratulations you are blessed with twins a son and a daughter.

V: What?Can you please repeat maybe I have misheard you that I have a daughter too.

Dr.Smith: No Mr.Raichand you have heard me correct you also have a daughter along with a son.But they are very week as they are premature we need to put them in incubator and we also need to peform some tests of them to ensure that they don’t have any severe disease because there were so many complications in your wife’s pregnancy.

V: But doctor we visit for sonorgraphy every month then how it is not detected that we are having twins.

Dr.Smith: Well Mr.Raichand it was a case of mo/di twins both the babies were sharing their amniotic sac and your son has been hiding your daughter all the time so it was not detectable in sonography that you are having twins and being a case of mo/di twins was the reason for your wife’s placental abruption.

V: How is raima doctor?

Dr.Smith: Your wife’s condition is very critical there was a lot of internal bleeding she is still unconscious also she is under observation in ICU upcoming some hours are really very crucial for your wife and your kids let’s hope for the best.

V: Can I hold my babies only for five minutes please doctor I know they need medical attention but only five minutes please doctor please.

Dr.Smith: There is no need to insist veer I completely understand you and its absolutely normal for you to have a urge to hold your kids but only five minutes as they need to be put in incubator.

V: Thank you doctor.

(Dr.Smith nods and leaves. After some time a nurse comes and hands vansh his kids and vansh carefully took them into his arms like they are a piece of glass which will shatter into pieces if he loosened his grip a bit.)

(Vansh looks at them adoringly tears were flowing from his eyes he pecks both of theirs forehead and both of them stops crying they look at him carefully as if they know that he is their father suddenly vansh’s daughter hold his finger and smiles while looking at him. A smile crepts on his face looking at his daughters smiling figure. )

Vansh’s POV

Finally my dream of having a daughter is fulfilled now there is nothing more I could wish for. Everyone in India will be very happy after knowing that finally Raisinghania’s have their only daughter and only sister of 8 brothers. I am sure if she ever will be able to meet them they will shower her with their utmost love and care they will ensure nothing could harm her but deep down I know they will never be able to meet their princess.

(After that a nurse comes to take both the kids)

Nurse: Sir I need to put kids in incubator can you please give them to me.

(Vansh stands and carefully gives back both the babies to nurse but his daughter doesn’t leaves his finger he tries to pull his finger but her grip tightens on his finger)

V: Looks like my princess don’t wants to leave her papa. Don’t worry princess papa is not going anywhere he is there and will always be for you. Ok now let me go I need to tell your big brothers about you they’ll be very excited to meet you don’t you want to meet them.

( He kisses her hand and forehead and she leaves his finger like she understood ever single word of her father after that nurse goes)

(Vansh’s phone starts ringing and he answers it)

V: Hello

Ay: Hello papa how is mumma? Is she fine? And how is the baby?

V: They are fine. Well you three are awake or its just you.

Ay: Papa we all are awake.

V: Well don’t you want to meet them. I have a surprise for you.

Ay: Yes papa we want to meet them and what’s the surprise

V: Surprise doesn’t remains surprise if we tell about it and ask uncle John to drive you to hospital.

Ay: Ok papa. We are coming. Bye.

V: Bye.

(After 1 hour kids arrive at hospital and vansh is waiting for them at entrance seeing vansh kids run toward him and hugs him)

V: Looks like some is very excited.

Avi: Yes papa .chalo na jaldi se muje dekhna hai baby ko.

V: Ok chalo.

Outside NICU

V: First of all three of you close your eyes then we will go inside.

Ak: But papa we will fall down down if we will close our eyes.

V: Don’t worry I am there I will not let you fall down now close your eyes fast

(Ok papa trio says in union)

V: Ok now you can open your eyes and see your siblings

Ay: What do you mean by siblings papa.

V: Well you have a sister also. See that baby girl is your little sister and that little boy is your brother.

Avi: Why they are inside that glass box? And why they are attached to so many wires?

Ay: They are premature that;s why they are inside that incubator

Avi: What is the meaning of premature?

Ak: Premature means that they are born before they should.

Avi: Oh. That’s why they are so small?

V: Yes.

Avi: Can I hold her?

Ayu: Sure but not now after some time yet she is too weak.

Avi: Bhai, Papa look at her she is too small. Her hands are so tiny

(Avi says pressing his face on incubator like they are not aware of that fact and his elder brothers and his father just chuckles seeing his that much innocence and excitement.)

(Akshu and Avi starts talking to their sister like she understands their every single word)

V: Looks like they both are already in love with their sister.

Ayu: Absolutely infatuated. She is mums carbon copy.

“Go give your brother some love, if you don’t want him to feel left out.” Ayansh trotted over the other incubator where, his brother was.

“Hey baby brother” He cooed “Is everyone forgetting about you? Don’t worry I won’t.”

He put his hand through the small hole stroking his hands slightly. The small hand clasped around his thumb, holding it tight.

“You got a good grip.”

Avi: Bhai there are so many swings outside in that garden. I want to go and play there.

(A nurse comes and tells Vansh that Dr.Smith is waiting for him in his cabin.)

Vansh looks at ayu

Ayu: Papa you just go and meet the doctor. I am gonna take them to garden to run off some energy. Avi, Akshu come on let’s go to the garden.

He let out a hearty laugh when avi ran and climbed onto his back like a monkey.

Vansh nods at him and leaves with nurse.





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