Dr.Smith: Come in Mr.Raichand have a seat.

V: Why have you called me doctor?

Dr.Smith: Well Veer your kids tests have been done. Your son is absolutely fine he has no illness he is just a premature kid so we need to keep him in NICU for some time after that he’ll be discharged. But you daughter she has severe diseases she is diagnosed with hypo plastic left heart syndrome and Co-genital short gut disease apart from that her respiratory tract is also very weak so much of stress and crying can choke her. You need to be very careful with her she is too weak.

V: What will be the treatment doctor?

Dr.Smith: For her heart disease we need to perform 3-surgeries. First one will be done after 2 days. Second one will be done when she is 6 months old third one will be done when she is 3 years old. After that she will be fine but she will always need a cardiologist. In my opinion Dr. Robin Kingston is best and if you want you can look for another doctor who you think is best for your daughter. For her short gut disease a feeding tube will be attached to her pole which further will be connected to the feeding machine also you need to take care of her calorie intake.

V: How is raima?

Dr.Smith: Her condition is very critical there is no improvement in her condition till now she has a lot of internal bleeding and she also suffered disseminated intravascular coagulopathy and speaking honestly there are only 30% chances of her survival.

(After listening to doctors words Vansh was unable to contemplate anything he just froze at his place. He came out of his trance by a knock on the door)

Nurse: Doctor Mrs. Raichand is awake.

Dr.Smith: Ok you just go I am coming

Mr Veer I need to go and check your wife.

After that dr.smith goes leaving vansh with his internal mind wars.

V: How is raima? Can I meet her.

Dr.Smith: She is awake. Yes you can meet her but not for so long as she needs rest.

R: Vansh how is our baby? Is he alright?

V: We don’t have a baby?

(Riddhima cuts him and speaks in between)

R: What are you saying vansh? (says panickily)

V: Calm down I don’t mean that I mean we don’t have baby we have babies a boy and a girl.

R: Are you kidding me?

V: No I am not.

R: Oh! My god I feel like I am dreaming. Finally our dream of having a daughter came true.

Can I meet them? I want to take them in my arms.

V: Riddhima you can’t meet them. You know that they are premature and yet they are in NICU under observation.

You had a placental abruption because it was a case of mo/di twins and our son was hiding our daughter so it was not detectable in sonography that we are having twins.

R: I was thinking the same.

What doctor told are they alright? And please do tell me truth as their mother I have full right to know about their condition.

V: Well our son is fine he has no disease. After 1 month he will be discharged. But our daughter she has been diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and congenital short gut disease. And she also has a weak respiratory tract so much of stress or crying can choke her.

(After listening to vansh’s word riddhima started crying )

V: Hey don’t cry believe in god she will be alright. You are already very weak and crying will deteriorate your health. Agar tum hi khud ko nhi sambhalogi toh babies ka dhyan kon rakhega. ( Vansh sits besides her holding her hand)

R: Vansh I am afraid. I am afraid that I will be able to see them growing up.I am afraid that I will die. ( Riddhima says tearing up)

( Till now vansh was holding up himself infront of riddhima but after listening to her words and seeing her condition like that he no longer is able to hold up from tearing up)

V: Stop it riddhima. Don’t say anything like that you have promised me that you will stay with me forever so now you can’t leave me like that.

Atleast ba…baccho ke bare me..mein ttt..toh soc..socho. U..U..Unka kya ho..hoga tumha…tumhare beg…begair?( Vansh says while tearing up even more with a crack in his voice)

R: Please vansh don’t cry if you will break apart who will handle kids. After me they will need you the most you need to hold up yourself for them for me.

V: No riddhima you are not going anywhere you will stay with us we have faced the worse but we have always fought together. This time also we will fight together and we will make it out you will make it out.

R: I will always be with you and our kids if not physically then my soul will be there for you I will always stay in your hearts.

V: No you are a fighter and promise me you will fight with this for our kids.

R: Ok I promise I will fight until I can but vansh you and I we both know that life or death is not in our hands it is something which we can’t control.

And now I don’t need to talk about this anymore tell me where are ayu, akshu and avi.

V: They are outside playing in the park. You just wait I am going to bring them.

After 5 mins vansh comes back with kids

(Seeing riddhima awake avi runs and hugs her tightly. Riddhima hugs him back holding up herself from wincing as avi’s grip is very tight.)

Avi: Mumma I missed you so much. Ab aap kaisa fell kar rahi ho?

R: Abhi tak toh thik feel nahi kar rahi thi but now you are with me so now I am feeling good.

Avi: Mumma you know both babies are so small and cute.

R: Acha. ( R kisses his forehead)

Akshu, Ayu come here.

(they both goes and hugs her.)

How are you both?

We are fine.

Nurse: Sir doctor Robin is waiting for you in his cabin to discuss your daughter’s further treatment.

And now you all have to leave as I need to give injection to Mrs.Raichand.

V: Ok.

( Everyone leaves from riddhima’s ward)



Riddhima is sleeping under the effect of medicine and vansh is sleeping on the sofa nearby her bed. Suddenly riddhima’s heartbeat rises up and all machines start beeping giving a red alert listening to all these sounds vansh startled and gets up with a jerk. Seeing riddhima’s condition like that vansh starts panicking and presses the emergency button nearby the bed and within minutes nurses rushes to her ward followed by doctor smith. In a hurry she was admitted to

After 2 hours

V: What happened doctor at a sudden? Is my wife alright?

Dr.Smith: Your wife has kidney failure her both kidneys stopped working. She is on dialysis machine and her condition is even more worse now we have also kept her on ventilator support.

You can see her when she wakes up.

Authors POV

Whole day passes kids also come to visit her and vansh explained ayu about riddhima’s and both babies condition. Whole day vansh stays in hospital.


3:00 am

Vansh is wide awake and sitting besides riddhima.

R: Vansh.

V: What happened? Do you need me to call doctor? Are you felling alright?

R: Vansh listen I feel like I won’t be able to make it out so please I want to meet my kids I want to hold my babies for the last time otherwise I won’t be able to die peacefully.

V: What are you saying? nothing will happen to you. Agar is waqt main baccho ko call karke yahan bulaunga toh woh bewajah pareshan honge aur dono babies bhi incubator main hain it is not possible to took them out of it.

Riddhima starts panicking her breathing also rises up.

R: Vansh please try to understand.

V: Ok. Don’t panic I am calling doctor to ask that for 5 minutes can we took our babies out of incubator also I am calling john to bring kids here.

After that vansh rushes out of the room and calls john and asks him to bring kids at hospital then he calls Dr. Smith. He explains him everything about riddhima’s condition.Dr.Smith understands him and permits him to pull the babies out of incubator for five minutes. By that time kids also arrive at hospital.

@Riddhima’s ward

Nurse comes and riddhima extends her arms to hold her babies while lying down on bed. She kisses their forehead and pulls them to her chest hugging them tightly with all the strength she has left.

R: I know you will not understand anything but I want to tell you both that I love you so much. Main bhale hi tumhare saath nah hun tumhara dhyan rakhne ke liye tumhe bada hota hua dekhne ki liye par tumhare bahi aur tumhare papa honge woh tumhara dhyan rakhenge tumhe itna pyaar denge ki tumhe meri kami mehsus hi na ho. Main hamesha tumhe upar asmaan se dekhti rahungi .

I know I am going to lose this fight but I also know that you will win this fight.(Riddhima says to her daughter)



Tum inka naam vanya aur ridhan rakhna.

Avi, akshu baby come here.

They both goes and stands on either sides of riddhima. Tears were nonstop flowing out of their eyes.They both bens down and kisses riddhima’s forehead riddhima also does the same and hold their hands.

Hey don’t cry. Promise me after my death you both will not cry aur tum apne papa aur bhai ki sabhi baate manoge aur koi shaitani nahi karoge.

They both nods their head as they are unable to speak.

Remember both of you that I love you.

After that they both hugs riddhima a sob escapes out of avi’s mouth and he starts crying even more.

I love you 2 mumma ( they both says with a break in their voice)

Ayu why are you standing there come here?

Ayaansh goes toward her taking small and trembling steps like he used to take when riddhima was teaching him to walk everything still is same him and riddhima the only difference between now and then is that now riddhima won’t be here to hold him to prevent him from falling down. He approaches riddhima stands besides advay. Riddhima extends her arm signing him to bend down and hugs him. She holds his face and kisses him on his forehead he also does the same.

My brave baby

You are such a good boy

Never forget my teaching

Remember that no matter how near or you far or apart I am right here in your heart she says pointing at his heart.

Mumma loves you so much.

I love you 2 mumma ( Ayu says with a hoarse voice holding a sob which can break out any instant)

Seeing his mothers condition like that now avi is no more able to hold his sob he starts sobbing loudly.

Mumma y..hiccup..you can’t hiccup leave us hiccup like hiccup that. You can’t hiccup d..hiccup die.

Ayansh pulls advay into a hug to comfort him. Advay hold his brother tightly ayansh extends his other arm signing akshant to come and he also pulls akshant to hug him.

Seeing her kids crying that much it is getting difficult for riddhima to hold her tears which are threatening to fall at every instant but she knew she can’t cry it will make it even more difficult for kids to let her go.

Sighing heavily riddhima says

Avi baby look at me

Advay looks at her his face is all red his eyes are bloodshot red and puffy due to crying his lips are trembling.

I am just going far from you I am not dying and I have never imagined a day will come when I will say this to you but life is totally unpredictable see now I am saying this

Do not stand at my grave and weep

I am not there. I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.

I am the diamond glints on snow.

I am the sunlight on ripened grain.

I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning’s hush

I am the swift uplifting rush

Of quiet birds in circled flight.

I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry;

I am not there. I did not die.

One last time


After that riddhima looks at vansh into his teary eyes that are pleading her not to leave him like that. It feels like riddhima is conversing with him with her eyes like she is saying that I have to leave as much as I don’t want to but you are here you will live for both of us. I know it will be difficult for you in starting but you will learn with time you will be ok everything will be ok thanks for loving me that much you have given me everything I have dreamed you make my every dream came true.For now I have to leave but we will meet somewhere else in heaven where we will always be together but in that there is some time you have some responsibilities for our kids which you need to fulfil until then


With a deep breath riddhima’s breathing stops machines there shows a straight line tells that she is gone

Vansh stands frozen in his place still staring into her eyes.

Advay starts crying hysterically seeing his mother’s dead body a loud sob escapes out of akshant’s mouth they both hugs ayaansh even more tightly tears are continuously flowing out of his eyes but he is holding his sob because he knows that he need to control on him for his siblings seeing him tearing apart they will break down completely.

Listening to their brothers sobbing ridhan and vanya also starts crying like they are also mourning over their mother’s death like they understands their mother is no more

Whole room fills with cries and a lone tear escapes from vansh’s eyes betraying him like riddhima.

Bhagwat Gita says Vyakti ko uske karmo ke anusar hi fal milta hai.Har vyakti karm karta hai kuch ache toh kuch bure par weh yeh bhul jata hai ki use apne karmo ka mulya isi jeevan main chukana padhta hai agar aapke karm bure honge toh aapko unka phal bhi bura hi milega aapko uska mulya to chukana hi padhega bhale hi aap kahi bhi kyu na chale jayen aapka bagya aur karm bhi aapke saath jayenge inse aajtak na koi bacha hai na bachega.

A/N: I know all of you might be very furious about riddhima’s death but beleive me it is necessary for the story. Here this story takes a drastic turn and real journey of UNRAVEL-AN IMMJ SAGA begins.

I have already completed that part the day before yesterday and I was going to update tomorrow but i was unable to do because i have fever and headache also iIhave done next chapter too maybe you’ll get a update today by evening or tomorrow by morning.

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To be continued…

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