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Uorfi Javed is a name which has shot to fame after her stint in Splitsvilla and she was the one who knew how to keep the spotlight even after the show ended. The headlines are coming easy to her but it seems finding a house on rent in Mumbai has become one big task for her. The Splitsvilla 14 fame tweeted about the difficulties she has been facing for being ‘single’, ‘Muslim’ and an ‘actress’. The combination make life difficult for many, not just her.

Urfi revealed that she is not trusted by Muslims or Hindus in the city. Not just that, she is being threatened by politicians which obstruct the way she wants to work and flourish in the industry.

In the social media post, she shared today, she wrote, “Muslim owners don’t want to rent me a house because of the way I dress, Hindu owners don’t want to rent me cause I’m Muslim. Some owners have an issue with the political threats I get . Finding a rental apartment in Mumbai is so tuff.”

On social media too, there are not just trolls who exist for her. There are people who sympathise and have  empathy for her. A netizen shared his old tweet (dated July, 2022) where he talked about Urfi facing a similar situation, the actress replied, “It’s literally every time mahn, single, Muslim, actress – impossible to find a house.”

Several others suggested she buy a house in the city. There was another who joked, “Ask SRK. He will help you out. Mannat is very big…”

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