UP Police arrested Amin following the order of HC, the judge said – I will resign

UP News: Judge Ravi Kumar Diwakar, who came into the limelight after the Gyanvapi case in Varanasi, is deeply hurt by the bureaucracy. While making a strong comment on the police administration, he said that the officers are also working to mislead the Chief Minister. He said that I am only afraid of God, not anyone else, if this continues, I will resign.
The illegal gate of the hospital of BJP MLA Dr. On the orders of the court, the police registered a case against the Amin of the court who went to get it closed in the presence of the police administration. When Court Amin complained about this to the judge, he made a strong comment. He said that it seems that an attempt has been made to intimidate the judge by deliberately writing an FIR. This is a big attack on the judiciary. 

case was also registered against Amin
Small Cause Judge Ravi Kumar Diwakar said in his order that I consider it necessary to mention the facts in this regard. In which the court Amin was discharging his duties in accordance with the order of the court. A first information report was registered against Amin by the local police. Section 78 of the Indian Penal Code 1860 is noteworthy in this regard. Section 78 provides that if any act is done in the course of the judgment and order of the court, it will not amount to an offense.

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What did the judge say?
When the writ permit was issued by the court on August 11, the police station chief Ashok Kumar Kamboj, 200-250 people were present at the disputed site. Therefore, there is a need for heavy police force, PAC force, rapid action force and executive magistrate to ensure compliance of the order of the court. Therefore it is clear that the judgment debtor is such an effective person that even the local police could not get the order of the court to be followed. 
The judge further said that it is often seen that the officers of the district administration are usually not able to follow their ego. Or do not consider it proper to comply with the order of the court due to being in pride. 

Contempt proceedings are initiated against him and fine etc. is imposed on the concerned officer by the High Court. Then the Uttar Pradesh government goes to the Supreme Court against that order, then a huge amount of money is spent by the government, which is earned in the form of tax from the people of India. This leads to misuse of public money. The officers of the district administration do not put things in front of the Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh in the right way, but keeping in view their personal interests, they keep things in front of the Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh.

The next hearing will be held on September 26
The judge said that under sections 217 and 218 of IPC 1880 against the then Police Station Officer Nawabganj Ashok Kumar Kamboj and the jurisdictional Nawabganj Chaman Singh Chavda, who registered the said FIR. becomes a punishable offence. In the above case, the above first information report would have been written without the oral instructions of the higher officials of the district. In my judicial service of 13 years, I have never seen that a First Information Report has been written because of Amin’s discharge of his duties in pursuance of a court order.

Therefore IG Ramit Sharma Bareilly is expected to ensure that necessary action is taken in this regard. A copy of this order should also be sent to the Director General of Police, Police Headquarters, Lucknow and the Chief Secretary, Uttar Pradesh Government Secretariat, Lucknow for necessary action. In this case, the next date has been kept on 26 September. 

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