Uproar over Bhojpuri singer Shilpi Raj’s ‘suicide note’, came live on Facebook and told the whole thing, VIDEO

Patna: Shilpi Raj, one of the Bhojpuri superstar singers, is now in discussion about the Facebook post after the MMS scandal. Shilpi Raj created a ruckus after a post on Facebook, after which she had to come on Facebook Live on Tuesday and then told the whole thing. In the post, he had written such things that social media users thought Shilpi Raj was about to commit suicide.

First of all, know what Shilpi Raj had written on Facebook, which created a ruckus. Shilpi wrote- "I could not do any work well, neither study nor music… What was I and what have I become, to tell the truth, I have become a puppet. I don’t understand what to do mother you are the only one who has stopped me but now I feel like living in this world I am sorry!"

Shilpi Raj clarified by releasing the video

Here, after this post, when Shilpi Raj felt that the users had understood its wrong meaning and the news went on in the media, she came on Facebook and clarified. Shilpi Raj said that there was work pressure, so she had written it. Said he meant something else, but it was misinterpreted in the media.

Shilpi said- "I am very good Pressure comes on everyone. Must be coming on you too. It’s been over a week now. My health was going bad. Love you guys. I’ll always be fine. That’s why I have come live so that I can keep my point direct. I work hard for you guys. I am also human. Pressure comes."

Post deleted after some time

Shilpi also deleted this post shortly after sharing it. After deleting it, she came live on Facebook. Let us tell you that Shilpi Raj was born in Deoria, UP. Many of his songs have gone viral. People like his songs a lot.

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