Urad Dal Ke Totke: These tricks of urad dal turn the luck, blessings come in the house

Urad Dal Ke Upay: The condition of the planets and constellations affects every person. Many such remedies have been told in astrology, which are used to calm and strengthen the planets. Urad dal is not only used in food, but the tricks and astrological remedies associated with it also provide special benefits.

Luck change the tricks of Urad Dal

  1. On Saturday evening, mix a little curd and vermilion in two whole grains of urad. Now keep it under the Peepal tree for 21 consecutive days. While coming back, don’t even look back. This trick removes financial problems.
  2. If Saturn is afflicted then this trick of urad dal is very effective for you. On Saturday, feed a little urad dal to the crows by turning it upside down three times from your head. By doing this continuously for seven Saturdays, Shani Dosh is removed.
  3. On Saturday, put mustard oil in a vessel under the bed and put it under the bed. The next day, make dumplings of urad dal in this oil and feed it to dogs and the poor. By doing this, poverty is removed from home.
  4. If you are starting a new business, then definitely try this remedy of black urad dal. Bring any iron Vastu and keep it in your new office. Make a swastika where this iron is to be kept and place some black urad on it. Now put that iron object on it. By doing this you will get faster growth in business.

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