Using mobile all day can cause cancer! These habits increase the risk of cancer

Nowadays disease like cancer has increased a lot. The biggest reason for this is bad lifestyle. Due to excessive drinking, smoking, not exercising, bad eating habits, the risk of serious diseases like cancer has increased significantly. Millions of people die every year due to cancer. There are many types of cancer such as lung cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, etc. Where there is cancer, it becomes like a lump in that part of the body. Due to cancer, the cells in the body start growing and dividing very rapidly and abnormally, due to which the body starts suffering. If cancer is detected early, then treatment is possible, but with the passage of time, cancer becomes fatal. In such a situation, you should take utmost care of your lifestyle. You should not make these mistakes even by forgetting.

1- Using more mobile- Nowadays people are engaged on mobile or laptop all day. Mobile is something that no one wants to live without. But do you know that using more mobile is not good for health. Using the mobile for a long time emits radiofrequency energy from the phone, which proves to be harmful for health. Using more mobiles also increases the chances of getting cancer.

2- Taking more stress- Nowadays everyone is getting a lot of stress, anxiety, mental problems. In such a situation, taking more stress increases the chances of cancer. People who take more stress, their blood pressure increases, the heart beat gets faster and the blood sugar level also increases. Stress also increases the risk of cancer.

3- Smoking and drinking alcohol- Smoking and consuming alcohol increases the chances of cancer. These things have a direct effect on the lungs, mouth, throat etc., which is not even known when it takes the form of cancer. It is said that people who smoke and consume more alcohol, their age is reduced by 10 years than a normal person.

4- Sitting for a long time- Some People’s work is to sit all day. Such people are at increased risk of cancer. By not doing physical activity and just sitting all day, there is a risk of colon cancer, lung cancer, etc. Staying in the sun for a long time can also cause skin cancer, because the harmful rays of the sun damage the skin, which increases the chances of getting cancer.

5- Excess obesity- Due to excessive weight and obesity, there is a change in inflammation and hormone levels. It can affect biochemicals like insulin in the body. In such a situation, to avoid cancer, you should exercise daily, eat healthy foods, which do not contain high calories, excessive fat. The more physically active you are, the lower your chances of getting cancer.

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