Uttarakhand: Opposition to Agneepath scheme, protests continue in many districts, Congress said – we are with the youth

Congress gave support to the youth 
The youth in the state are protesting against this scheme. Due to heavy protests from the mountain to the ground, the youth are on the streets and are constantly demanding the government to withdraw the scheme. On Friday, the Congress, while talking to the media, called the Agneepath scheme a hoax playing with the future of the youth. Congress President Karan Mahra said that the Agneepath scheme of the Modi government is a deceit with the unemployed youth, a hoax ruining their future. Mahara said that the Modi government is not only playing with the dignity, tradition, tradition of the Indian Army, but also with the security of the country.

People of Student Federation of India took to the streets 
Operation of the plan was also seen in Dehradun on Saturday, people of SFI gathered outside Gandhi Park and protested against this plan of the government. . Along with this, he also kept his four demands, which include the demand to withdraw the Agneepath recruitment process, start permanent recruitment, start recruitment that has been stopped for two years and give relaxation to the over-aged candidates. 

NSUI and Youth Congress burnt effigies
Protest also took place at Ghantaghar in capital Dehradun. Where Youth Congress and NSUI raised slogans against the BJP government. Along with, Deputy Leader of Opposition Bhuvan Kapri was present. Congress burnt effigies of PM Modi, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and state CM Pushkar Singh Dhami at the clock tower.  Deputy Leader of Opposition Bhuvan Kapri said, this decree of the Bharatiya Janata Party government is tug of war, it is not good for the future of the youth. Kapri, while attacking the BJP government on this plan, also said that the dream of youth to go to the border to protect the nation has been killed in one stroke. 

DGP appeals to make peace 
In view of the increasing protests in the state, the DGP has appealed to everyone to make peace. The DGP of Uttarakhand interacted with the youth through social media and other means and advised them not to do any unconstitutional work. DGP Ashok Kumar said, don’t be misled by anyone. Even if you express your opposition, then express it calmly. 

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