Varun Gandhi praised PM Modi, said this on the announcement of giving 10 lakh jobs

UP News: BJP MP Varun Gandhi, who reached his parliamentary constituency Pilibhit, was seen in a changed style today i.e. on Thursday. While praising PM Modi while addressing the public from the stage, Varun Gandhi said that today I want to say that the Prime Minister announced two days ago that we will give 10 lakh new jobs in 2 years, I wholeheartedly support it. and I express my gratitude to them.

Say this thing about the Prime Minister
Varun Gandhi said, "Today I want to publicly save my voice through you people till PM’s first it is true that if 10 lakh jobs will be available in 2 years then many families will stand in the country but at the same time I want to say this That government posts in our country more than one crore vacant posts are currently vacant in the Government of India. I do not say that the government’s own figures say. I want to request the Prime Minister that before we create 10 lakh new jobs, one crore posts which are vacant, if we compensate only one crore vacant posts, then about 5 to 10 crore people will get employment. We will have to keep our word from place to place to compensate for this one crore 60 lakh jobs, about 70 to 75 thousand state government of the government for about one crore."

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Our country is lagging behind in the fight for employment
Varun Gandhi further said, "Somewhere our country is lagging behind in the fight for employment. When we look at our political journey today, we remember that anyone who came into politics, in the beginning, looks for an answer to a question that what will happen to me next, but today I have come to tell you this. That there is no worry in my mind what will happen to me. I worry about what will happen to your children. What will happen to the next generation? Together we will make the future of our country. Before me, a speaker was saying that Varun Gandhi is a loud voice, I do only one thing, honestly, whatever you people decide my responsibility, I do it in the discharge of responsibility. You people should remember one thing that whoever rules the country, the owner of the country is the people of the country."

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