Vastu Tips: Do not consider the ashes left after Havan as useless, you will be surprised to know the miraculous benefits

Vastu Tips, Havan Vibhuti Benefits, Upay and Importance: It is important to perform Havan during worship, rituals and auspicious works in Hinduism. The practice of Havan has been going on since the time of Rishi-Muni. Performing Havan makes the worship successful and positivity prevails at home.

In a way of performing Havan, the house is also purified. Because important worship materials are used in Havankund during Havan. But after the Havan, people make the ashes, ashes or Vibhuti flow in the water. It has been told in astrology that not only the fire of Havan but also the ashes of Havan have many benefits. This can solve many of your problems. That’s why after Havan, keep the Vibhuti of Havan safe.

Benefits of Havan Vibhuti

  • Negative energy goes away- By performing Havan, positive energy is transmitted at home. So on the other hand negative energy is removed from the fire of Havan. You can sprinkle the ashes of Havan around the house or shop, it removes negative energy. Is. Remove the ashes of Havan 7 times from head to toe of the person and then put it in a plant. By doing this, the fault of the evil eye is removed.
  • Does not have scary dreams- Many people have scary dreams while sleeping at night, due to which there is obstruction in sleep. And the person remains scared. For this, you should apply tika of the ashes of Havan on your forehead daily. It does not cause bad dreams and fear also goes away.
  • For economic benefits- The problems related to money also go away with the ashes of Havan. By tying the burnt offerings or ashes of Havan in a red cloth and keeping it in a vault or a place where money is kept, blessings remain at home.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on beliefs and information only. It is necessary to mention here that does not confirm any kind of recognition, information. Please seek expert advice before acting on any information or assumptions. 

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