Video: ANM juggled when there was no road, traveled in bamboo boat and gave syrup to children

Jashpur News: Government spends crores of rupees in the name of development but some areas are left far away from development due to neglect and administrative apathy. A similar case has come to the fore from Jashpur district. A video of a female employee of the Health Department is going viral on social media. In order to provide health care in an unreachable village, the female employee had to resort to a boat made of bamboo. It can be seen in the video that a female employee of the Health Department is traveling in a bamboo boat. Health staff is making special efforts to provide better health facilities to the people. Presently the Health Department is running Child Protection Month.

ANM supports boat made of bamboo

Vitamin A syrup is being given to young children under the child protection month. The Health Department has set a target of providing Vitamin A and IFA syrup to a total of 73 thousand 680 children. ANM Pushpa Bhagat had to travel by boat made of bamboo in Matlonga of Manora development block. Let us tell you that there is no road to go from Alori to Matlonga. The aim of the district administration is that no child from a remote area should be deprived of health facilities. But even today the road is not available to go from the block headquarters to some settlements in the remote areas. Due to lack of road, villagers have to face difficulties in reaching the health center and health workers to the village.

#Chhattisgarh She is a brave female health worker. Who is taking a dangerous ride in the boat of blind development and is providing health facilities to the youth and people of tribal areas. case #jashpur. @gyanendrat1 @awasthis @bhupeshbaghel @PMOIndia

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Jugaad made a tool when there is no road

In adverse circumstances, health workers are discharging their responsibility to the unreached areas with the means of jugaad. BMO Roshan Bariyar told that the road to go to Matlonga is very far and the road is long. In comparison, the road to the drain is a shortcut. He further told that when going to the village by road, the distance is about two to three kilometers, but after crossing the drain, the village gets closer. BMO Bariyar has appreciated the work of ANM Pushpa Bhagat. He said that despite being old, Pushpa discharged her duty in difficult circumstances. He advised other workers of Manora block to take lessons from Pushpa Bhagat. 

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