Video of panther seen again in Kota thermal power plant goes viral, forest department engaged in rescue

Kota Thermal Power Plant: There is an atmosphere of panic in the area due to the sighting of Panther once again at Kota Thermal Power Plant in Rajasthan. It is being told that in search of water in summer, the movement of panther was seen towards thermal. Hearing the roar of the panther, people reached near the thermal and they saw the panther coming and going. The people present there made a video of the panther roaming in the dark of night and made it viral. 

Also have come before Panther 
Viral video is being told on the night of 28 April. Due to this there is an atmosphere of panic among the local people. Although this is not the first case when the Panther Thermal Complex has been seen, the movement of the Panther has been seen even before this. VK Gilani, Chief Engineer of Thermal Plant said that viral video of Panther has also come to me and the viral video is of thermal plant itself. A video of Panther’s movement in the dark of night was captured by a person in his mobile and went viral on social media. 

Viral video of April 28 
Viral video is of April 28 in TSP area around 8 pm. However, no employee has given a complaint of Panther. Nevertheless, as a precaution, on the basis of the viral video, a letter has been written to the Forest Department officer and said that in view of the security, conduct a search operation so that there is no loss in the dense population. On the other hand, on the information of the panther, the forest department team also carried out the rescue but nothing could be traced to the panther. 

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Panther came to Thermal Plant in search of water 
Chief Engineer of Thermal Plant VK Gilani said that Panther might have come to Thermal Plant in search of water. Chambal water comes in large quantity in the thermal plant. In such a situation, wandering in search of water, the panther came from the side of the bushes. Hearing his roar, people made a video of him. After some time from the way the panther came, it also returned back. Even before this, the movement of panther and bear has happened here. Due to scorching heat, wild animals are coming towards the population if there is no water system.

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