Vinod Mehra’s marriage did not last with two big actresses, had settled four times at home!

Vinod Mehra Love Life: Today’s talk about the famous actor Vinod Mehra of the 70-80s, who has been in discussions not only for his films but also for his personal life. Let us tell you that Vinod Mehra had not one or two but four marriages. The actor’s first marriage was with Meena Broca on the wishes of his family members. However, this marriage did not last long and soon Vinod Mehra and Meena Broka separated from each other. After separating from Meena, Vinod Mehra’s entry was made in Vinod Mehra’s life.

It is said that everything went well for a few years, but after that the paths of Vinod and Bindiya were also parted. According to the news, Bindiya left Vinod Mehra and joined the famous director J.P. took Dutta’s hand. It is said that Vinod Mehra was deeply shocked by this.

However, Rekha and Vinod Mehra’s relationship did not last long and after that the actor married Kiran Mehra for the fourth time. Let us inform that Vinod Mehra died due to heart attack at the age of 45.

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