Viral Video: Street food vendor did this to make paratha soft, video of ‘beating paratha’ went viral on the internet

Viral Video: Parathas are one of the most preferred food items in North India. This flatbread is usually made from wheat flour. It is prepared by adding water, salt and ghee or oil to the flour, and the best thing about parathas is that you can try many variations. If you want, you can eat them plain or you can also make them by filling them with a delicious mixture like potatoes, paneer, cabbage etc. We Indians love this paratha so much that you will find its different varieties in different parts of the country. Recently, a video of a street food vendor making paratha in a unique way has gone viral on the internet. This is being called ‘Pitai Paratha’.

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An Instagram page named ‘foodfatafat’ shared the video of this unique paratha which is being known as Pitai Paratha. In the clip, we can see that a street vendor is seen banging a huge paratha with all his might. He beats it repeatedly to make it soft and puffy. According to @foodfatafat, this paratha is sold in Kolkata, West Bengal. Watch the viral video here:

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Since the time the video was uploaded, it has garnered over 36.8M views and 882K likes and thousands of comments. People were stunned to see the way the man beat the parantha and people also commented on the way of making parantha in this way.

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“Paratha kehta hai mujhse kya mistake ho gayi sahib (what mistake did I make sir).

“Some bread call the police; a flatbread was attacked and murdered.”

“Don’t play with your food.”

“When you wanted to become a “Dhobi” but your parents forced you to cook as a chef.”

“Why would you ruin it like that?”

What question is coming in your mind after watching this viral video? Will you try this unique paratha? Do tell us by commenting.

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