Vitamin D For Kids: To keep the child away from diseases, then feed these things rich in vitamin D

Vitamin D Rich Food: After the birth of the child, he starts giving vitamin D to him. Vitamin D is very important for the physical development of children. Due to the lack of vitamin D in the body, the immunity of children starts weakening, due to which the child falls ill again and again. Vitamin D is very important for the development of bones of children. This leads to problems related to teeth of children. In such a situation, you should give children a diet rich in vitamin D. You can feed these things to the baby.

Foods rich in Vitamin D
1 egg- Feed eggs to children. Eggs are rich in nutrients. The yellow part of the egg contains vitamin D. Feed the child at least one egg daily. 
2 Cow’s milk- Milk is considered a complete diet for children. In such a situation, give milk to the child. Try giving cow’s milk. It contains a high amount of Vitamin D. Milk contains calcium and vitamin D. 
3 curd- Give curd to the child in food. The body gets vitamin D by eating curd. Yogurt is also beneficial for the stomach. Yogurt must be eaten in summer.
4 Mushrooms- Feed mushrooms to children. Vitamin C, vitamin B1, B2, B5 and magnesium are found in mushrooms. Mushrooms are also a good source of Vitamin D. 
5 Oranges- Children can feed oranges for Vitamin D. Oranges are very beneficial fruits. Vitamin D, calcium and vitamin C are found in it. Oranges are rich in Vitamin D.

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