Vladimir Putin preparing to flee Ukraine amid war? So much money was deposited in Africa

Russia Ukraine War: The war between Russia and Ukraine has divided the biggest economic forces of the world and has also created a crisis in front of the world. Meanwhile, there is news that Russian President Vladimir Putin is in the process of leaving the country. They have put 12.3 billion pounds in South Africa. Putin has reportedly stashed £12.3 billion in cash and gold in South Africa.

It is being said that the Russian leaders are showing confidence in the Wagner Private Military Group for the security of their funds in the Central African Republic. According to official media in Russia, Putin also spoke to African President Faustin Arcangel Toudera on Friday. A Russian government statement said Putin expressed his intention to intensify bilateral political, trade and economic cooperation, including in the fuel and energy sectors, but the General SBR Telegram channel claimed that the talks between the two leaders The aim was to check the loyalty of the African President.

‘Putin on the verge of leaving the country’

Putin’s cough a cause for concern

Apart from this, an unknown channel has also claimed for a long time that Putin is battling cancer and sources inside the Kremlin say that his weight has decreased by 18 lbs i.e. 8 kg. There is also a claim that his persistent cough is being seen as a sign of deteriorating health. According to the report of General SVR, Putin himself, his relatives and his doctors are also worried about cough and lack of appetite. There is also a claim that once Putin was talking with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu over video conferencing, he coughed profusely.

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