Watch: Chirag Paswan a step ahead of ‘Pushpa’! Said in the public meeting – I will neither bow down nor break and…

Vaishali: Chirag Paswan is looking very angry after being evicted from the bungalow at 12 Janpath in Delhi. By holding Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and his uncle Pashupati Paras responsible in the whole matter, he is giving different types of statements every day. In this sequence, on Tuesday, he came to attend the mass marriage program being held at the High School ground at Bhatolia in Vaishali district of the state. Here he addressed the people present at the event.

Chirag made this big claim 

Chirag one step ahead of ‘Pushpa’! It will neither bend nor break… After being expelled from the 12 district, the ‘angar’ form of a lamp on uncle and chief minister Nitish Kumar… Raja Babu’s report from Hajipur.

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Jamui MP said, " I have always raised my voice regarding the honor and security of Bihar. I will continue to raise it." During the public meeting, the leader announced to call a big rally against Nitish Kumar on the upcoming Ambedkar Jayanti. Chirag Paswan said, " CM Nitish thought that if I will be homeless from home, then I will get upset. But I have made people a home in their hearts, I do not need a house made of stone."

No compromise on honor

Chirag said, " Had I contested the elections under an alliance and bowed before Chief Minister Nitish Kumar like my uncle, my house would have survived today. Also, I would have been a minister at the Centre. But I don’t compromise on my honor. I will always raise my voice against Nitish Kumar’s pimples. Neither I will bow down nor will I break and if I am afraid then I will not be afraid of anyone. "

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