Watch: CM Gehlot’s minister Mahesh Joshi was surrounded by his own people, shouted slogans of Murdabad

Rajasthan Politics: People of Hawamahal assembly constituency showed black flags in protest against Minister Mahesh Joshi in Rajasthan. Slogans of Murdabad were raised in front of him. During this, the police removed the protesting people after hard work. After this, people got angry with this behavior of the police. People sat there on a dharna on the road. 

According to the information, this incident is being reported from Jaipur’s Bhatta Basti, where Pappu Qureshi, who was once special to Mahesh Joshi, started protesting. All of them allege that no work has been done on the development of the cemetery for four years in the Hawamahal Legislative Assembly. The situation there has worsened. For this  people are agitating against Water Supply Minister Mahesh Joshi. This incident is in discussion in the politics of Rajasthan.

Minister Joshi ‘surrounded’ the cemetery
It is being told that the issue of the cemetery is behind the protest of Minister Mahesh Joshi. Pappu Qureshi along with his team showed flags in protest against Minister Mahesh Joshi. Slogans of Murdabad were also raised in front of him. During that time some people even stood in front of the minister’s car. Due to the time of night, the police somehow removed the people and allowed the minister’s car to go. After this people there got angry. People also had an argument with the police personnel present there. When the police asked to send them to jail, the people sat on a dharna there. People kept raising slogans of Murdabad and the police stood there. 

Who is Mahesh Joshi
Mahesh Joshi is the Congress MLA from Hawamahal constituency. Ashok Gehlot is the minister of an important department like water supply in the government. There is a Chief Whip in the Legislative Assembly. Mahesh Joshi has been in news since the political developments in Rajasthan on 25th September. He was also given a show cause notice by the Congress high command. The high command has not taken any action on them. Many MLAs and ministers in his party are continuously raising their voice regarding this matter.

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