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We are together Part 5

 Thanks to my dearest friend Reena for the DheerDaa edits.

Manoj-Swati's reception party...
Sameer:Ladies and Gentlemen...this party is for our Munna bhaiyya and Swati bhabhi...
It is time for them to enjoy to the fullest.So here comes PANDIT and Preeti to entertain them.
PANDIT and Preeti came in traditional clothes.
The dance was cute.

Maiyya yashoda
Yeh tera kanhaiya
Maiyya yashoda yeh tera kanhaiya
Panghat pe meri pakde hai baiyan
Tang mujhe karta hai sang mere ladta hai
Ramji ki kripa se main bachi
Ramji ki kripa se main bachi
Ramji ki kripa se
Gokul ki galiyon mein jamuna kinaare
Woh more kankariya chhup chhup ke maare
Natkhat adayen soorat hai bholi
Holi mein meri bhigaye woh choli
Baiyan na chhode
Kalaiyan marode
Baiyan na chhode kalaiyan marode
Paiyan padun phir bhi peechha na chhode
Meethi meethi baaton mein mujhko phansaye hai.
Ramji ki kripa se main bachi
Ramji ki kripa se main bachi
Ramji ki kripa se
Jab jab bajaye mohan muraliya
Chhan chhan chhanakti hai meri payaliya
Nainon se jab woh kare chhedkhani
Dil thaame reh jaye prem deewani
Sudh-budh gawai
Neende udayee
Sudh-budh gawai neende udayee
Jo karne baithi thi woh kar na payee
Badi mushkil se dil ko sambhaala hai.
Ramji ki kripa se main bachi
Ramji ki kripa se main bachi
Ramji ki kripa se

Everyone laughed.While dancing PANDIT and Preeti remembered how they used to dance on this song during childhood days.


Gokul ka kanha har dil mein samaaya
Main bhagyashaali unhe maine paaya
Maana ke sabke hain yeh kanhaiya
Kehlayenge par tumhare hi maiyya
Pyara piya hai
Tumne diya hai
Pyara piya hai tumne diya hai
Mamta ke aanchal mein humko liya hai
Charano mein teri o maa humko rehna hai
Ramji ki kripa se
Haan ji haan
Ramji ki kripa se(HSSH).

Abhishek:This party is not only to introduce our daughter in law to all of you,but also to announce that my son Sameer and..

Rakesh:our daughter Naina are going to get engaged..

Aparna: on the coming Sunday.

Sameer and Naina were pleasantly surprised.
Everyone clapped hands.

Manoj :I am so happy for Sameer and Naina.

Swati:Me too Munna.They love each other madly.

Pragya:Sameer…now onwards don’t complain that you are not able to spend time with Naina,Very soon Naina will be with you.
Sameer smiled.Naina blushed.
Pragya:And no need to romance Naina secretly.
Sameer and Naina were embarrassed.
Sameer:Mom…how do you know that?
Pragya:I am your mother.So I know the secret romance you both have regularly.

Naina and Sameer became why.

Pragya:Naina,I can’t wait for you to come to our house as our daughter in law.

Naina smiled.


While walking Naina tripped and before she touched the floor,Sameer caught her.

Naina was relieved as she fell in Sameer’s arms.

Sameer smiled:I will not let you fall down Naina.

She smiled.

He made her stand straight.They shared a sweet eye lock.

Suddenly Pandit came near them.
PANDIT:Congrats Naina.
NAINA:Thank you Pandit.
PANDIT:Do you know why I said congrats?
NAINA:For getting engaged with Sameer.
Sameer murmured:What the!This Pandit is mad.
NAINA:Then why?
PANDIT:I said congrats,but not for becoming Sameer’s fiancee,but for going to be my Bhabhi.You are lucky to get a devar like me.
Naina smiled.

Sameer got irritated:Pandit,whenever I try to come to Naina why are you disturbing us?

PANDIT:Oh chill bro.Only a few days are left.Then engagement…then wedding…then full time with Naina.So calm down.
Naina smiled.

Sameer too smiled.

Sameer:But just because we are getting married soon,no need of disturbing our private moment.Understand?

Pandit:Come on…don’t scold me for such a silly thing bro.

Sameer:You will understand that it’s not silly when you have a girl friend.

Pandit remembered Preeti and smiled.
Immediately PANDIT went near Preeti.
PANDIT:Hi Yashoda…
Preeti:Stop it PANDIT.Even during childhood you used to tease me calling Yashoda.
PANDIT:Then what should I call you?
Preeti looked at him smiling.
PANDIT:Can I call you Radha?After all in the dance performance you were my Radha.Right?
PANDIT:Oh…you want only to be called by your real name.Right?
Preeti:Not because of that.Radha could never get her love Krishna.I don’t want to be another Radha.
PANDIT was stunned seeing her emotional.

PANDIT said in his mind:Oh no…my silly joke hurt her unexpectedly.

Pandit:I am sorry Preeti.Please don’t be angry with me.

Preeti smiled:Chill Pandit.Why should I be angry with you?

Pandit was relieved and smiled.

Pandit:That means you are not hurt.Right?

Preeti:No…not at all.

Pandit smiled.

Pandit:Has someone said that your smile is very pretty?




Pandit-Preeti smiled at each other.



The next sunday…
Sameer was about to get ready for the engagement function.

Manoj:You look very happy today.Always be happy like this.
Pandit:We both are really happy for you Sameer.

The trio hugged each other.

Sameer got dressed up.

Manoj:My little brother is looking handsome.
PANDIT:Yes Sameer.Cool look.You are giving me competition.
They laughed.

Swati:Sameer…today you are going to get engaged to your lady love,my Naina.From today your relationship with her is going to take a new direction.All the best.

Sameer smiled:Thanks bhabhi.

She smiled.



Swati ,Preeti and Bela took Naina near the mirror to do make up.

Bela:Naina is already a natural beauty.But now we will make you look more beautiful Naina.

Naina smiled.
Swati and Bela dressed up Naina.
Swati:You are looking gorgeous.

Preeti:Really pretty.

Bela:Touch wood Naina beta…

Naina smiled.They hugged Naina happily.

Naina wore her engagement dress and jewelry too.



Naina was brought to the engagement hall.Sameer Naina exchanged romantic glances. Swati noticed it and smiled.

Swati:Naina…you are going to be my devrani.As my Devar’s bhabhi I am very happy that my devar is getting a girl who is beautiful inside and outside.

Naina smiled.

Sameer-Naina exchanged rings and smiled at each other.

When others got busy Sameer grabbed Naina’s hand and took her to a corner where no one was seen.
NAINA:Sameer..why did you bring me here?
Sameer looked at her deeply.She became shy.
NAINA:Why are you looking at me like this?
Sameer caressed  her face romantically making her blush.

Sagar embraced Anjali from behind.

Anjali smiled shyly: Sagar!

Sagar:You know Anji…though you are not the would be bride at the party you look the most beautiful.

She blushed.

Sagar got cozy with Anjali and she got lost in him.

Suddenly she stomped her foot and Sagar got startled.

Sagar:What Anji…

Anjali:Shameless boy…this is a public place.

Sagar:Oh no…

She walked away laughing.

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