Weight Loss: Bread made from this flour reduces obesity, even if you eat enough, the weight will be reduced.

Weight Loss Roti: To reduce obesity, people first stop eating roti. It is advised to reduce carbs in dieting, but by not eating bread throughout the day, weakness starts in the body. Therefore, at the beginning of dieting, instead of wheat, you should eat rotis made from other grains. Eating wheat bread increases obesity. Instead of wheat, you should eat rotis made from multi grain, ragi, millet, jowar and bran. Eating roti made from this flour helps in rapid weight loss. If you want, eat these rotis in full, yet your weight will not increase. Let us know which breads made of flour should be eaten during dieting. 

1- Ragi- You must include Ragi flour in the diet. During dieting, eating roti made from ragi flour helps in reducing weight. The body gets rich fiber from ragi, which keeps the stomach full for a long time.
2- Multigrain- Many types of grains are found in multigrain flour roti. Chickpea flour is also added to multigrain flour. Which helps in reducing weight. Due to this, blood sugar is also controlled and nutrition also increases.
3- Bajra- Eat millet roti for weight loss. After eating it, you do not feel hungry for a long time. Eating millet roti helps in weight control. Bajra roti is rich in fiber and vitamins.
4- Bran- If you want to eat only wheat bread, then it should have a lot of bran in it, that is, grind the flour coarsely and without Use filter. To be thin, you should eat only breads of bran flour. Such flour contains potassium, phosphorus, calcium, selenium, magnesium, vitamin E and B complex. 
5- barley-gram- Nowadays, during dieting, barley and gram flour are used. It is advisable to eat made roti. It helps in reducing obesity and keeping the body fit. By eating rotis made from this flour, calories will be stored less in the body and you will lose weight quickly.

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